Iridian Products

  1. Optical Filters For Flow Cytometry

    Iridian Spectral Technologies designs and manufactures optical filters that are optimized for flow cytometry applications. These dichroic (FLD) and emission (FLE) filters deliver more signals with less background noise, and are compatible with common excitation sources and fluorophores. They also feature high transmission and reflection levels, low ripple, steep edges, and deep blocking outside of the pass band.

  2. Imaging Color Filters

    Iridian Spectral Technologies has designed and manufactured a wide range of dielectric optical filters for imaging and machine vision applications. Featuring steep edges, high transmission values, and high durability, these color filters can be used to improve contrasts, and isolate spectral regions and colors in images.

  3. Optical Filters for Endoscopy and Medical Imaging

    Iridian Spectral offers edge, notch, and band pass optical filters covering the 300nm (UV) to 10µm (LWIR) wavelength range for biomedical instrumentation, and medical devices for endoscopy and laparoscopy.

  4. Fluorescence Filters

    Iridian offers excitation, dichroic, and emission fluorescence spectroscopy filters for confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and other biomedical applications. These three different filter types are often used in a set in order to maximize the desired signal while minimizing the undesired signal.

  5. 3D Cinema Glasses and Projector Optics

    The popularity of 3D cinema has grown in the last five years, and in that time, Iridian Spectral Technologies has manufactured millions of reusable 3D color band glasses for 3D cinema. They’re durable, scratch-resistant, and even dishwasher safe for sterilization and reuse.

  6. AR and AF Automotive Display Coatings

    Iridian Spectral Technologies has developed oleophobic and hydrophobic AF coatings for easy cleaning and smudge resistance, and AR coatings to suppress surface reflections for use in touch-screen technology in vehicle interiors.

  7. Raman Filters

    In Raman spectroscopy applications, emitted light is very close in wavelength range to the excitation light. In order to attenuate a laser’s signal from reaching the detector while at the same time transmitting the weak emitted light signal, notch or edge pass Raman filters are required. Because of their high transmittance and extended deep blocking, Raman laser line filters are also required to ensure that only the desired wavelength is actually illuminating the sample being tested. This page provides an overview of Iridian Spectral Technologies' line of filters for Raman spectroscopy.

  8. Telecom Filters

    Iridian Spectral Technologies ships anywhere between 10,000 to 40,000 telecom filters per week. These filters are used in a wide variety of telecom applications, including wavelength multiplexing and de-multiplexing,  optical amplification/gain flattening, laser wavelength stabilization, pulse dispersion compensation, fiber-to-the home/business, and fiber line monitoring. More details on the applications can be found below.

  9. Multi-Zone Filters

    Iridian Spectral Technologies' multi-zone filters offer spatially varying spectral performance on a single substrate in the UV to LWIR wavelength range. Filter types include bandpass, notch, long-pass, and short-pass with coatings offered for AR, high-reflectivity, and black-absorbing.

  10. Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers filters and coatings for satellites and LEO instrumentation, including large format filters for astronomical observations (single band and multi-band pass filters), light absorbers/black coatings, dichroic mirrors and beam-splitters, and multi-element arrays.