Near-Eye Display Solutions

Optics Blazers manufactures Near-Eye Display combiners and other components for optimized display performance and see-through properties. With an integrated manufacturing chain, this company can deliver single reflective surface, multiple reflective surface, free-form, or diffractive combiners. Optics Blazers’ solutions are developed with cost and scalability in mind to serve the competitive consumer electronics market.

  • Nexview™ 3D Optical Surface Profiler

    The Nexview™ 3D optical profiler microscope stands out amongst competitive products by its ability to measure the topography of virtually any surface, irrespective of roughness, large steps and segments, thin films, steep slopes, with feature heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm. It does all this in 3D, without contact, and provides the best qualities of other profiling technologies (stylus, confocal, focus scanning) without their limitations.

  • Color Filter Glass: UL365S UV Band-Pass Filter

    HOYA’s color filter glass products include sharp cut/long pass, light-balancing, color-compensating, neutral density, heat-absorbing, multi-band calibration, and UV Absorbing/VIS blocking filters for the UV through NIR regions. Featured is the new UL365S UV Band-Pass Filter that offers UV transmitting/VIS absorbing performance with high UV transmittance, while providing the highest resistance to any effects caused by UV solarization and/or exposure to high humidity conditions. 

  • Application Systems

    OptoSigma offers a wide range of application systems that includes microscope units, alignment systems, interferometers, bio-photonics, and laser processing systems. These application systems are designed for many specific applications including polarization measurements, vacuum and oven measurements, and glass and film inspections.

  • Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers filters and coatings for satellites and LEO instrumentation, including large format filters for astronomical observations (single band and multi-band pass filters), light absorbers/black coatings, dichroic mirrors and beam-splitters, and multi-element arrays.

  • MHK C-Shape Stainless Steel Mirror Holders

    OptoSigma provides MHK C-shaped stainless steel mirror holders designed for 12.7 mm dichroic mirrors and beamsplitters. The holders feature high-resolution adjustment, and a knob-less design that is suitable for system integration.

  • 640 x 512 Resolution High Speed IR Camera: FLIR X6900sc

    FLIR’s X6900sc series cameras are full frame MWIR and LWIR 640 x 512 resolution thermal cameras for use in high-speed R&D and science applications. The infrared cameras are designed to produce thermal data at up to 1,004 frames per second at full resolution, and can be sub-windowed for even faster rates.   With multiple simultaneous digital data outputs over GigE, CameraLink and CoaxPress in addition to the ability of burst recording to on-camera RAM for up to 26 seconds,  there is never a worry of missing critical frames of data.


  • Photonics West: Who, What, Where, When, And Why

    SPIE Photonics West 2023, the world’s largest lasers, biomedical optics and biophotonic technologies, quantum, and optoelectronics event, is just around the corner. January 28 through February 2 in San Francisco, to be exact. To help get you prepared for the show, we spoke with SPIE Senior Director of Technical Programs Marilyn Gorsuch — who is also the SPIE Photonics West event manager — about what attendees can expect, which hot topics are trending, and more. And don’t forget to check out our coverage leading up to the show, as well as the videos we’ll be shooting on the show floor!

  • Micro-Hybrid Electronic Partners With Laser Components

    Laser Components is pleased to partner with Micro-Hybrid Electronics, a German company that produces infrared components for test/measurement applications. Matthias Gunther explains his desire to increase Micro-Hybrid’s footprint in the United States.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

    On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jennifer Piper at BaySpec discussed hyperspectral cameras, including the GoldenEye Snapshot imager, which is ideal for low-light applications.

  • Rugged Lenses Optimized For Machine Vision Applications

    On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jim Sullivan with Schneider Optics introduced the Jade series – a family of lenses designed for an image diagonal of 19.3 mm and optimized for machine vision applications.

  • High-Precision Micro-Optics For Miniaturization

    If you’re struggling with miniaturization challenges – this one is for you. Aaron Johnson with Accumold explains how micro-plastics offer a light and inexpensive solution to miniaturization challenges.