Color Filter Glass: UL365S UV Band-Pass Filter

Source: HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division
Color Filter Glass: UL-365S UV Band-Pass Filter

HOYA’s color filter glass products include sharp cut/long pass, light-balancing, color-compensating, neutral density, heat-absorbing, multi-band calibration, and UV Absorbing/VIS blocking filters for the UV through NIR regions. Featured is the new UL365S UV Band-Pass Filter that offers UV transmitting/VIS absorbing performance with high UV transmittance, while providing the highest resistance to any effects caused by UV solarization and/or exposure to high humidity conditions. 

The UL365S UV band-pass filter is specifically designed for fluorescent flaw detection, biomedical imaging, entertainment lighting, and UV curing applications.

UL365S Features Include:

  • High performance of solarization for high energy UV lamp and LED
  • Thermal tempering is available
  • Maximum dimensions: 400 (W) x 500 (L) with tempering
  • Transmits in UV region and blocks visible region
  • Standard thickness: T3.25 mm (customized thickness is available)

For more information on the UL365S UV band-pass filter, download the brochure above.

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