Near-Eye Display Solutions

Source: Optics Balzers AG

Optics Blazers manufactures Near-Eye Display combiners and other components for optimized display performance and see-through properties. With an integrated manufacturing chain, this company can deliver single reflective surface, multiple reflective surface, free-form, or diffractive combiners. Optics Blazers’ solutions are developed with cost and scalability in mind to serve the competitive consumer electronics market.

As a part of the near-eye display solutions, Optics Blazers delivers optical systems for wearable devices with technologies that minimize the Polarizing Beamsplitter (PBS) without compromising its excellent light throughput characteristics. It is produced with chamfer-free manufacturing and an edge-to-edge coating procedure that reduces the non-functional area to zero.

For more benefits, technical data, and applications for this polarizing beamsplitter for wearable devices, download the datasheet.