Thermal Cameras Videos

  1. Thermal Display Systems For Communications, Tracking, And Scientific Research

    This video is an entry from the 2014 Leonardo DRS Student Infrared Imaging Competition in which a student designed, constructed, and tested a thermal display capable of showing moving images, text, and patterns.

  2. Thermal Imaging For Archaeological Applications

    This video is an entry from the University of Arkansas Leonardo DRS 2014 thermal imaging competition. In it, the results of a UAV-based thermal imaging archaeological site survey are presented in which thermal imaging helped to reveal subsurface archaeological features in a largely unexplored area in Arkansas.

  3. SWIR Cameras, Cores, And Export License Solutions

    Herve Copin with Xenics kicked off the last day of Optics and Photonics 2014 by discussing two of his company's SWIR camera offerings: The Bobcat 640 for waste sorting, food inspection, failure analysis, and semiconductor inspection; and the Rufus 640, a SWIR camera that can operate in both extreme day and night conditions.

  4. Mil-Rugged 0.9 MP SWIR Camera For Low-Light Applications

    In this video, Doug Malchow with Sensors Unlimited discusses the suite of cameras they had on display at Optics and Photonics 2014. He pays close attention to the GA1280JSX — a mil-rugged, high-resolution SWIR camera ideal for low-light level imaging, persistent surveillance, laser detection, and imaging through atmospheric obscurants.

  5. Two New IR Cameras Previewed At DSS

    IRCameras has a few new products coming down the pipeline that will be available for delivery in July. Arn Adams was kind enough to take some time out on the last day of DSS 2014 to walk us through some of the new cameras’ features. Watch the video to see if they could be a fit for your next IR imaging application.

  6. Best Performing SWIR Camera In The World? See For Yourself

    Aaron Kearney of Raptor Photonics introduces us to the OWL SWIR 640, a high-resolution, low-noise, digital VIS-SWIR camera ideal for solar cell inspection, astronomy, beam profiling, range finding, hyperspectral imaging, and more. Watch the video to hear more about the specs and features.

  7. Thermal Cameras For Even The Most Demanding SWaP Restrictions

    Jay Schell of Leonardo DRS tells us about the unique features of the Tamarisk thermal cameras, and how they're used in applications involving integration into UAVs, medical imaging equipment, analytic devices, man-portable imaging devices, robotic ground vehicles, unmanned sensors, security and surveillance, and more.

  8. SWIR Camera For Military And Industrial Imaging

    Technology involving military and industrial imaging applications is prevalent at DSS this year, and Sensors Unlimited's was no exception. Check out the video to hear Bob Jones talk about two newer SWIR cameras for these two market segments, and what makes them a fit for each.

  9. Two New Cameras For High-Speed Imaging Applications

    Photron has launched two new cameras over the last few months: the FASTCAM SA-Z and the Mini UX100. North American sales manager Tim Callenbach tells us about them and their role in applications involving ballistics, off-board automotive testing, shockwaves, broadcasting, fluidics, welding, materials science, plasma and arc studies, and more.

  10. SWIR Camera With Superior Situational Awareness

    Raf Vandermissen of Xenics introduces us to the Rufus-640- an analog SWIR camera, ideal for active and passive night vision, UAV applications, homeland security, and SAR (search and rescue). Its most notable feature is its embedded proprietary algorithms that result in superior situational awareness in several types of lighting conditions.