Thermal Cameras Videos

  1. Integrated 3X Continuous Zoom Optic In A Thermal Imaging Camera

    Chris Johnston with Sierra-Olympic took time out of day two of the exhibition to show us the Vinden CZ. If you work in the security and surveillance space or have a project that requires thermal imaging with advanced continuous zoom capabilities, watch the video to see if its features and specifications match your needs.

  2. Two New High Speed Cameras

    Photron launched two new high speed imaging solutions for slow motion analysis at Photonics West 2015. Andrew Bridges broke down both of the camera’s features and specifications for us this year. Watch the video to see if they can provide you with a solution for your next slow motion analysis application.

  3. Any Waveband, Any Application

    FLIR had four brand new IR cameras on display at Photonics West this year. Whether you’re a current customer or have only considered them in the past, they likely have a thermal imaging solution for any application you can come up with (and in some cases, for 30% less of the cost of previous models). Don’t take our word for it though. Check out the video as Eric Hughes walks us through the specifications and features of these new infrared cameras.

  4. Precision Thermal Imaging Solutions

    At this year’s exhibition, Leonardo DRS’ business development director, Doug VanDover, introduced us to the newest entry in the Tamarisk thermal IR camera family — the Tamarisk precision series

  5. Ladybug Takes Off In Slow Motion

    This particular sequence was recorded with at pco.dimax HD CMOS camera at 3,000 frames-per-second and 1296 x 720 pixel resolution. Once the ladybug unfolds its wings, the display speed is reduced to 25 fps.

  6. Clear, Colored Images Captured In Low Light

    This video was taken out of a lab window at dawn. The sequence displays three times at 16bit and 8bit scaling to capture details. All imagery was captured by the pco.edge – a color, sCMOS (scientific CMOS) camera operating at 2560 x 2160 resolution at 100 frames/s.

  7. Fishing Kingfisher in Slow Motion II

    The pco.dimax HD is a high-speed, 12-bit CMOS camera ideal for a variety of slow-motion capture applications. In this video example, Rainer Bergomaz from Blue Paw Artists used one of these cameras with 1920 x 1440 pixel resolution @ 1060 frames/s to capture sequences of young kingfishers trying (successfully, in some instances) to catch fish.

  8. Magic Drops In Slow Motion

    Blue Paw Artists’ Rainer Bergomaz and Daniel Nimmervoll used the pco.dimax HD high-speed camera to capture water droplet sequences, showing that slow motion imagery is just as appealing aesthetically as it is scientifically.

  9. Thermal Display Systems For Communications, Tracking, And Scientific Research

    This video is an entry from the 2014 Leonardo DRS Student Infrared Imaging Competition in which a student designed, constructed, and tested a thermal display capable of showing moving images, text, and patterns.

  10. Thermal Imaging For Archaeological Applications

    This video is an entry from the University of Arkansas Leonardo DRS 2014 thermal imaging competition. In it, the results of a UAV-based thermal imaging archaeological site survey are presented in which thermal imaging helped to reveal subsurface archaeological features in a largely unexplored area in Arkansas.