Thermal Cameras Videos

  1. Standing Out In Crowded SWIR And Thermography Markets

    Sierra Olympic’s Chris Johnston had some really interesting displays to share with us at Photonics West in 2016. The first involved a thermography camera with resolution you need to see to believe.

  2. Miniature Series Of High Speed Cameras

    This year at Photonics West, Andrew Bridges with Photron focused on his company’s line of miniature high speed cameras.

  3. InGaAs Linear Arrays Relaunched

    Doug Malchow with Sensors Unlimited — UTC Aerospace Systems discusses the relaunch of his company's InGaAs linear arrays, provides an update on the export classifications of a 320x256 SWIR camera, and shares a quick refresher on their standard suite of SWIR cameras.

  4. Raptor Launches Into X-Ray

    Mark Donaghy with Raptor Photonics caught us up on what’s been going on with his company over the last year by introducing us to two new cameras.

  5. MythBusters Puts The v2010 To The Test

    The Discovery Channel’s MythBusters series featured incredible footage of a bullet being fired from a pistol with a Phantom v2010 camera at 73,000 fps.

  6. FLIR High-Speed Thermal Imager On SantaPod Raceway

    FLIR X6580sc High-Speed Thermal Imager footage of a drag race on the SantaPod Raceway

  7. Fastest Infrared Camera Now Even Faster

    Vincent Farley of Telops closed out Day 2 of SPIE’s DSS 2015 with an introduction to the FAST-IR 2K - with 2,000 FPS, it furthers their foothold as the manufacturer of the fastest infrared camera on the market today. Farley also caught us up on some of the new and notable features of Telops' Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imaging camera.

  8. New High Speed Thermal Camera Is On Its Way

    At DSS this year, Chris Bainter of FLIR systems gave us a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released X69SC high-speed thermal camera. Watch the video for a glimpse at some of its unique features and to hear about its specifications.

  9. Ready, Fight! Photon Camera vs. Thermal Camera – The Speed Test

    How difficult is it to measure the temperature of a moving golf ball? Would it be better to use a thermal camera, or a photon camera? It’s certain that there are more critical-type measurements one can make outside of golf ball temperature, but this video does a great job of showing the different results that each camera type yields from a qualitative analysis standpoint.

  10. The Best SWIR Camera In The World? Watch And Decide For Yourself

    At Photonics West 2015, Mark Donaghy concentrated on just two entries in Rapto Photonics' comprehensive line of scientific cameras – The Eagle V CCD camera for astronomy, bioluminescence, fluorescence imaging, and more, as well as the NINOX SWIR 640 for beam profiling, solar cell inspection, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, and more. Watch the video to learn why Raptor still believes they have the best performing SWIR camera on the market today.