Thermal Cameras Videos

  1. MWIR, High-Speed MWIR, And Scientific Range Cameras

    Dave Bursell and Roger Martinez of FLIR introduce us to several new products they have on display at DSS this year. These include the RS8300 scientific range camera system, the X6900sc high-speed MWIR camera, and the AS6700sc MWIR science grade camera. Watch the video to learn more.

  2. New Option For Thermal Scientific Imaging Applications

    Telops displayed its new TS-IR thermal scientific camera at DSS 2014. Martin Chamberland walked us through some of its more notable features, including its compact size, gigabit Ethernet connection, multipoint calibration, and more. Watch the video to see if it's a fit for your next thermal imaging application.

  3. New Thermal Scientific Infrared Camera For Demanding Environments

    Vincent Farley took time out of a busy Wednesday afternoon at Photonics West to introduce us to the TS-IR thermal scientific camera. 

  4. Imaging Solutions From Life Sciences To Defense And Security Applications

    At Photonics West 2014, Raptor Photonics had a variety of EMCCD, sCMOS, and CCD cameras on display. Their VP of sales and marketing Mark Donaghy gives us a closer look at the Kingfisher V 1940 x 1460 CCD camera.

  5. Two High Speed Cameras, Two Very Different Sizes

    At Photonics West 2014, Photron had two new high speed cameras on display: the FASTCAM SA-Z for applications involving ballistics, materials science, fluidics, plasma and arc studies, shockwaves, and detonics, and the Mini UX100 for life sciences, fluidics, off-board automotive testing, welding, broadcasting, and ballistics testing.

  6. New LWIR Module Turns An iPhone Into An Infrared Camera

    At Photonics West 2014, Chris Bainter with FLIR showed us two new innovative infrared camera products.

  7. Sensors Unlimited Takes Other InGaAs Technology Companies To School

    Doug Malchow with Sensors Unlimited, Inc. - UTC Aerospace Systems, gives us a closer look the world’s most sensitive InGaAs camera, and the world’s most sensitive megapixel high definition InGaAs camera.

  8. Better In Belgium: SWIR And LWIR Cameras

    Bob Grietens, CEO of Xenics, takes time out during the exhibition to tell us about the variety of infrared cameras his company had on display at BiOS and Photonics West.

  9. Comparison: Raptor Hawk EMCCD Camera VS. Sony EXview CCD Camera

    This video offers a comparison on Raptor Photonics’ Raptor Hawk EMCCD Camera against Sony’s EXview CCD Camera during nighttime conditions.

  10. EMCCD Camera Demonstration

    This is a video demonstration of the Raptor Hawk EMCCD camera capturing images of a fishery in China in both day and nighttime conditions.