News | May 23, 2014

Ramulaser™ Adjustable Power

Source: StellarNet, Inc.

StellarNet has added several features to it’s Ramulaser™ series of low cost Raman lasers. Most notably the 785nm & 1064nm Ramulaser is now equipped with a power adjustment dial for operation in step increments to the highest 499mW output power. This is an important enhancement for use with Raman samples that have low burn tolerances such as organic material, dark surfaces, & SERS substrates. The adjustable power feature allows users to maximize signal while maintaining within sample thresholds.

The Ramulaser has also been equipped with a rugged metal enclosure and an 8hr battery pack for portable use. StellarNet Raman spectrometers are being used more frequently in production & QC environments, field use, and in educational & research laboratories where system robustness is critical.

StellarNet Ramulasers can be used with all of our low cost Raman spectrometers, microscopes, & accessories. Adjustable laser power upgrade is available for all previous Ramulaser users.

SOURCE: StellarNet, Inc.