Spectroscopy Products

  1. Spectroscopy In The ShortWave InfraRed

    Spectroscopy in the ShortWave InfraRed (SWIR) range proves more and more to be a reliable tool for inline inspection and classification of a variety of products. Applications find their way in food and agriculture, waste sorting, pharmaceuticals, cancer detection… due their ability to identify specific chemical bonds. Since each molecule has its own spectral fingerprint, we can thus discern between materials with only the slightest difference in molecular structure just by looking at specific wavelengths.

  2. NIR Spectroscopy CCD Camera: iDus 416 Series

    Andor’s iDus 416 is a NIR spectroscopy CCD camera with peak QE up to 95%, a 30mm wide sensor, a 2000 x 256 15 µm pixel array, and low dark current. It’s ideal for applications involving plasmonics, fluorescence, luminescence, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, absorption, transmittance, and reflection.

  3. Deuterium Light Source for UV Spectroscopy: SL3

    StellarNet’s SL3 deuterium light source covers the ultraviolet (190-450nm) range. Its maximum stability and precision power control make it ideally suited for UV spectroscopy, and its small size makes it well suited for field or mobile spectroscopy applications.

  4. OEM Optical Coatings

    PIXELTEQ offers precision and custom optical coatings through ion beam sputtering (IBS), magnetron sputtering (MSP), and ion-assist deposition (IAD) methods.

  5. Infrared Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters For Spectroscopy
    Deposition Sciences, Inc.’s (DSI) improved narrow bandpass optical filters offer high spectral performance, with accurate center wavelength placement, and good temperature stability which makes the infrared NBPs ideal for spectroscopic applications such as advanced gas-sensing. DSI’s Infrared Narrow Bandpass (IR NBP) Filters are ideal for industrial, medical, and biological sciences instrumentation.