4-Channel Intensified sCMOS Camera

Source: PCO-TECH Inc.
4-Channel Intensified sCMOS Camera

PCO introduces the new pco.dicam C4 as a fully integrated 4-channel intensified camera system to exploit the full performance inherent to scientific CMOS sensor technology. The pco.dicam C4 distributes the incident light from a single optical input to multiple modules. These modules are capable of detecting very few photons with nanosecond time resolution.

The ultra-speed pco.dicam C4 features high-end tandem lens systems that secure an efficient and lossless capture of the 25 mm image intensifiers output completely free of artifacts. Camera Link HS guarantees the user uncompressed and robust data transfer up to 3.4 GByte/s.

Additional pco.dicam C1 features include:

  • Exposure times down to 4 ns
  • 25 mm image intensifier
  • Intensified sCMOS technology
  • 2048 x 2048 pixel
  • 104 fps @ full resolution
  • Enhanced extinction ratio gating

For additional features, specifications, and advantages, download the available datasheet.