Opto Diode Downloads

  1. Near-Infrared Detectors: NXIR-RF36 Datasheet

    The NXIR-RF36 is designed for integration with semiconductor lasers such as the Fabry-Perot (FP), distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). These instruments feature high responsivity of 0.65 A/W @ 850 nm, low capacitance of 5 picofarads (pF) at 0 volts, high shunt resistance greater than 200 MΩ, and an active area of 0.36 mm2.

  2. Wide Temperature Range Infrared Emitter: OD-850WHT Datasheet

    The new OD-850WHT wide temperature range infrared (IR) emitter features typical optical output ranges from 24 to 28 mW, a wide emission angle, and temperature operating range from -65 to +150°C. These emitters also have thermal improvements ideal for high temperature industrial photoelectric controls used in petroleum refining, chemical processing, and power generation and other industrial applications.

  3. 13mm2 Photodiode: UVG12 Datasheet

    The new UVG12 is a 13mm2 photodiode specifically designed for detection between 193 nm and 400 nm at 100 percent internal quantum efficiency in the UV and visible regions. It exhibits extreme stability, features operation and storage temperatures from -20°C - 80°C, and displays less than a 2% drop in responsivity after exposure to megajoules/cm2 of 254 nm light.

  4. High-Powered GaAlAs Near-Infrared Emitter: OD-110W Datasheet

    The OD-110W GaAlAs near-infrared emitter is designed for high-powered night vision and surveillance applications, and rugged applications such as harsh industrial environments or deployment in the field. Features include uniform optical beams with a typical peak emission wavelength of 850 nm, an optical output of 140mW, a chip size of 0.026 in. x 0.026 in., and gold plating on all surfaces.

  5. SXUV300C Photodiode Datasheet

    The SXUV300C is a silicon photodiode designed to maximize measurement repeatability and reliability in new or existing high-powered UV laser monitoring systems.

  6. Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Detection: SXUV20HS1 High Speed Photodiode Datasheet

    The SXUV20HS1 is a high-speed photodiode ideal for applications that call for tight laser output control, fast responsivity, and measurement stability. It covers the 1 to 200nm (EUV) range and has a Ø 5 mm circular active area.

  7. Single Active Area Photodiode: SXUV100 Datasheet

    The SXUV100 is a photodiode with a 100mm2 active area. It offers remarkable stability after exposure to EUV/UV conditions and provides detection from 1nm to 1000nm.

  8. Quadrant Photodiode: SXUVPS4C Datasheet

    This datasheet includes electro-optical characteristics as well as thermal parameters for Opto Diode’s SXUVPS4C quadrant photodiode.

  9. RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C Datasheet

    The UVG200C is a RadHard (radiation hardened) photodiode ideal for detecting electrons in space and satellite applications.

  10. UVG100 Photodiode Datasheet

    Opto Diode’s UVG100 is a photodiode ideal for applications that require extreme stability for detecting vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.