Opto Diode Downloads

  1. RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C Datasheet

    The UVG200C is a RadHard (radiation hardened) photodiode ideal for detecting electrons in space and satellite applications.

  2. UVG100 Photodiode Datasheet

    Opto Diode’s UVG100 is a photodiode ideal for applications that require extreme stability for detecting vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.

  3. High Power, GaAIAs IRLED Illuminator: OD-669-850 Datasheet

    The OD-669-850  is a GaAIAs (gallium aluminum arsenide) IRLED illuminator ideal for night vision illumination.

  4. 20-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection and Bolometry: AXUV20ELG

    This 20-element photodiode is ideal for electron detection and features 100% internal quantum efficiency and a 22 pin dual in-line package.

  5. 16-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection: AXUV16ELG Datasheet

    This datasheet includes features, electro-optical characteristics, and thermal properties for the AXUV16ELG 16-element photodiode by Opto Diode.

  6. Surface Mount Photodiode: ODD-900-002 Datasheet

    With high sensitivity and short switching time, this low capacitance photodiode is ideal for use in a variety of medical diagnostic applications. The surface mount packaging allows for easy and convenient integration into new or existing systems.  The device operates in the spectral bandwidth from 400 (min.) to 1100 (max.) nm, with a peak sensitivity of 940 nm.  

  7. Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter: ODD-900-001 Datasheet

    Opto Diode’s ODD-900-001 Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter is ideal for industrial photoelectric control, and other industrial detection applications. It features high sensitivity, low capacitance, short switching time, and more.

  8. Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters 850nm: OD-250 Datasheet

    Opto Diode’s New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters (OD-250) provide a total power output of 250mW (typical) with a minimum output at 160 mW. High durability and a peak emission wavelength of 850nm make this emitter making this IR emitter ideal for military imaging and security applications, night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as night vision cameras and/or goggles, and for integration into illuminators and markers.

  9. Super High-Power IR Emitters With Very Uniform Optical Beam: OD-110W Datasheet
    Opto Diode's new series of super high power gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared (IR) emitters includes the OD-110W which features a very uniform optical beam. This Super High-Power IR Emitters is designed especially for military imaging applications and systems using night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as NV goggles and/or cameras, or for integration into markers and illuminators.
  10. Super High-Power GaAlAs IR Emitters: OD-110L Datasheet
    Opto Diode’s Super High-Power GaAlAs IR Emitters: OD-110L features total power output (typical, at 25 degrees C) of 110mW and the minimum output is 55mW with peak emission wavelength at 850 nm.