Microscopy White Papers and Case Studies

  1. ORCA-Flash 4.0 V2 Industrial Catalog

    The ORCA-Flash 4.0 V2 from Hamamatsu is a digital CMOS camera that is QE-enhanced, making it a much more versatile and powerful camera for fluorescence and other widefield microscopy applications. This camera features the ability to deliver a wide field of view, a large dynamic range, and fast frame rates, and has the ability to detect even the faintest of signals, and achieve shorter exposure times.

  2. Miniature Precision Positioning Stages Catalog

    The new Miniature Precision Positioning Stages Catalog from PI presents over 200 models of miniature translation and rotation stages of various sizes, motion ranges, and drive concepts. Some of these models include the servo/stepper, piezo ultrasonic/inertia, linear, voice coil, air bearings, crossed rollers, and piezo flexures. These products can be used for semiconductor, photonics, bio-nanotechnology, metrology, microscopy, micro-manipulation, and cleanroom applications.

  3. 4 Big Mistakes In Developing Photonics-Enabled Medical Devices

    Photonics components enable the design and development of next-generation medical devices and diagnostics. This paper identifies common mistakes medical device manufacturers make when attempting to incorporate optics and photonics into their designs — and how to avoid them.

  4. Optical Filter Solutions

    Iridian Spectral provides optical filter solutions with proprietary thin-film design deposition and manufacturing technology in order to deliver durable and high-performance optics for point-of-care medical diagnostics, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, MID IR applications, biophotonics, telecommunications, astronomy, and space.

  5. Optical Filters For Raman Analysis: Finding The Needle In The Haystack

    Most Raman microscopy applications seek to maximize access to the Raman fingerprint of the molecule of interest, requiring filters that provide “more signal with less background.” This article discusses optical filters for Raman analysis, addressing filters for both bench-top and portable Raman applications.

  6. Overcoming Scattering Media Challenges In Multi-Photon Microscopy

    A major problem standard MPM faces is correcting for scattering media. To solve this issue, Dr. Meng Cui at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has recently pioneered Super Penetration Multi-Photon Microscopy (S-MPM) at the Cui Lab. He has successfully reported on focusing light through static and dynamic strongly scattering media using Boston Micromachines’ segmented 492-DM. By using the iterative multi-photon adaptive compensation technique (IMPACT), he since reported new results on in vivo fluorescence microscopy, providing a unique solution to noninvasive brain imaging.

  7. PentaVac™ Vacuum Technology: Scientific CCD Applications

    CCD imaging sensors are used extensively in high-end imaging applications, enabling acquisition of quantitative images with both high (spatial) resolution and high sensitivity. By Dr. Geoff Martin, Principal Systems Engineer, Raptor Photonics Ltd

  8. Isotropic Four-Dimensional Imaging with Dual-View Plane Illumination Microscopy

    ASI recently developed a dual inverted selective plane illumination microscopy system (diSPIM) that offers several advantages over conventional microscopy systems. This paper explains those advantages in great detail and contains application examples of how the system has been successfully used.

  9. Piezo Mechanisms In Optics And Laser Technology

    Laser technology is crucial for the advancement of many high tech fields from aerospace to medical diagnostics. By Stefan Vorndran, Scott Jordan, Steffen Arnold, PI (Physik Instrumente)

  10. An Introduction To Digital Microscopy Imaging

    As fun as taking pictures may be, it is the professional analysis of samples that really counts. This article discusses key concepts of digital microscopy imaging systems and how these concepts contribute to a professional presentation of your work. By SPOT Imaging Solutions, a division of Diagnostic Instruments, Inc.