Microscopy Products

  1. 5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead

    The new 5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead is designed with high resolution, precision, and accuracy for applications requiring infinitely flexible scan beam pattern delivery. The scanhead features a wide precession angle up to 20° for variable taper and shapes.

  2. Compact sCMOS Camera: pco.panda

    The new pco.panda is a state-of-the-art sCMOS sensor camera system designed to provide high quantum efficiency with the lowest dark noise for a number of applications, including live cell microscopy, single molecule detection, bio- and chemi-luminescence, GSDIM, PALM, STORM, SPIM, and more. It also is housed in a compact package – just 65 mm3.

  3. Q-Motion® Server Controller

    PI’s new Q-Motion® Server Controller is designed as a digital servo controller for positioning systems with piezo inertia drives. It is a benchtop device with options for control cabinet mounting, and has three channels with integrated power amplifiers and an interpolator. The device features a point-to-point motion and actuator mode for nanometer precision positioning at the target position.

  4. NEXACT® PiezoWalk® Stepping Drive With Subnanometer Encoder Resolution: N-565

    The N-565 is an ultra-precision linear positioner stage with NEXACT® PiezoWalk® technology, and designed with a subnanometer encoder resolution for high-end applications in bio-nanotechnology, fiber-optics, microscopy, semiconductor testing, metrology, and scientific research in beamlines and laser labs. With long 13 mm, 26 mm, or 52 mm travel ranges, high forces, and stiffness, this stepping drive does not subject to sliding friction or wear.

  5. Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope: MCL-NSOM

    The MCL-NSOM is a fully operational near-field scanning optical microscope manufactured on Mad City Labs’ versatile RM21™ inverted optical microscope. This instrument is designed to allow users to convert between NSOM, SPM, and fluorescence optical microscopy techniques.

  6. RM21™ Microscope For Fluorescence Microscopy

    Mad City Labs’ RM21™ Microscope is an adaptable microscopy platform that is designed to allow direct access to the entire optical pathway, and is capable of precision alignment in the X, Y, and Z axes. The Z-axis objective lens holder is precision aligned with the optical axis of the platform and can hold a single objective lens. The RM21 microscope is compatible with Mad City Labs closed loop nanopositioning stages making it suitable for nanometer precision applications such as super resolution microscopy and other single molecule microscopy techniques.

  7. XYZ Nanopositioning System: Nano-LPMW

    The Nano-LPMW is a unique XYZ axis nanopositioning system designed to hold multiwall plates, slides, dishes, and environmental chambers. This low profile positioner has an extra-large center aperture with a 200 micron range of motion on all three axes. It is easily integrated into existing inverted optical microscopes and is compatible with numerous microscope stages.

  8. MicroMirror TIRF System

    Mad City Labs offers the MicroMirror TIRF system as a new single molecule imaging instrument composed with high precision, high stability nanopositioning and microscopy technologies. Using the technique of micro-mirror total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, this system is designed for studying the ordered assembly and function of multi-component biomolecular machines.

  9. Scientific CMOS Cameras: pco.edge Camera Link HS (CLHS) 4.2 And 5.5

    The new pco.edge Camera Link HS (CLHS) series is comprised of cameras that combine sCMOS technology with an ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface. These cameras are designed to provide low latency, low jitter, real-time signals between a camera and frame grabber while carrying image data, control data, and trigger events. CLHS is designed from a system point of view which fully exploits CMOS sensor technology while remaining cost effective, and providing reliable data demanded by customers.

  10. Piezo-Nanofocus Stage And Controller Package For Microscopy And Metrology

    PI (Physik Instrumente) offers several controller and Z-stage value packages designed to deliver higher performance and lower costs for microscopy, metrology, 3D imaging, screening, autofocus systems, surface analysis, and wafer inspection applications. The systems feature 100, 250, and 400 μm travel ranges, and are comprised of a PIFOC® high performance fast piezo focus mechanism, a compact digital servo controller, a comprehensive software package, and an M32 threaded QuickLock insert.