XPLAN CCG Lens Series


The Melles Griot XPLAN Lens Series fluorescence microscope imaging systems enable the rapid development of breadboard instruments for next-gen sequencing, proteomics, and spatial biology applications.

What sets our Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series apart?

Large Field of View

The field of view is up to four times existing off-the-shelf premium lenses, translating to high data throughput and faster run times.

Perfect Field of View

It offers a 100% usable field of view out to the corners of your sensor compared to 10 to 40% on other mid-grade to premium lenses, meaning more usable data, fewer runs, and lower reagent costs.

Off-the-Shelf Lead Time with Custom Design Performance

In just six weeks, you can have custom lens design performance without the headaches, completing a breadboard design with high-precision optics and a quick time to market.

Development Budget Friendly

Our lens series gives you access to custom objective and tube lens solutions without upfront non-recurring engineering expenses.

Flexible Sample Cover Glass Options

A unique feature is the configurable cover glass (CCG) thickness. A one-time factory adjustment can be performed to optimize for cover glasses between 0.17mm and 1.1mm. This compares to having to choose between one thin cover glass, or a cumbersome correction collar adjustment.

Accelerate your development process by contacting us about this game-changing technology. The IDEX Health & Science Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series enables the next generation of life science tools design and manufacturing.

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