Microscopy News

  1. Single-Molecule Motion Capturing By Optical Microscopy

    A research group led by Professor Hiroyuki Noji, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, successfully observed and touched the rotational motion of a 1-nm synthetic molecular machine through the application of a single-molecule capturing and manipulation technique using optical microscopy and a bead probe (single-molecule motion capturing), which allows visualization of molecular mechanical motion.

  2. A Breakthrough In Imaging Gold Nanoparticles To Atomic Resolution By Electron Microscopy

    Nanometre-scale gold particles are intensively investigated for application as catalysts, sensors, drug delivery devices, biological contrast agents and components in photonics and molecular electronics.

  3. Serial Time-Encoded Amplified Microscopy For Ultrafast Imaging Based On Multi-Wavelength Laser

    Ultrafast real-time optical imaging is an effective and important tool for studying dynamical events, such as shock waves, neural activity, laser surgery and chemical dynamics in living cells.

  4. StellarSCOPE™ System For Microscopy

    StellarNet has released the StellarSCOPE™ System that allows users to couple their favorite StellarNet spectrometer systems to a microscope. 

  5. New Microscopy Technique Improves Imaging At The Atomic Scale

    When capturing images at the atomic scale, even tiny movements of the sample can result in skewed or distorted images – and those movements are virtually impossible to prevent. Now microscopy researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technique that accounts for that movement and eliminates the distortion from the finished product.

  6. Microscopy Technique Could Help Computer Industry Develop 3-D Components

    A technique developed several years ago at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for improving optical microscopes now has been applied to monitoring the next generation of computer chip circuit components, potentially providing the semiconductor industry with a crucial tool for improving chips for the next decade or more.

  7. New Quantum Dot Technique Combines Best Of Optical And Electron Microscopy

    It's not reruns of "The Jetsons", but researchers working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new microscopy technique that uses a process similar to how an old tube television produces a picture—cathodoluminescence—to image nanoscale features.

  8. Precision Piezo Positioning Stages For High Resolution Microscopy By PI

    PI (Physik Instrumente) LP offers a large variety of piezo-driven precision positioners for high resolution microscope applications.

  9. New SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera Brings Microscopy Presentations To Life

    SPOT Imaging Solutions, a leading manufacturer of scientific camera systems for microscopy, announces the launch of their new high speed SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera, with 4 MP resolution and a very large field of view that creates impressive live microscopy presentations for teaching and conferences.

  10. XY Precision Linear Stage For Metrology And Microscopy Applications From PI miCos

    The new PI miCos MCS XY precision linear stage was designed for industrial surface metrology / microscopy applications and combines robustness and high accuracy.