News | September 12, 2022

Zygo Announces A Brand Evolution To Reflect Its Half Century As A Global Leader

Zygo Announces A Brand Evolution To Reflect Its Half Century As A Global Leader

Worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, high-precision optical components, and complex electro-optical systems —Zygo Corporation (a business unit of Ametek, Inc.) — has just completed a refresh of its corporate brand to better reflect its leadership position in the sectors it serves.

Based on the brand proposition “Your bridge to a brighter future”, Zygo’s rebrand focuses on the fact that the company has worked with organizations across the globe to make the world a better place. The rebrand is designed to reinforce this message to its global customer base.

Neil Curtis, DVP Sales, Marketing & Service at Zygo says, “The three founders of Zygo set the standards for the metrology and optics industry back in the early 1970s, and today as a business we continue to build on their legacy with the same fundamental ambition — human advancement through the mastery of precision. There is an understanding that if we are unable to solve a problem, then nobody else can. For us the customer is central to everything we do, and we work with them to deliver innovative solutions melding together our world-class knowledge and expertise with their specific needs. We do this in a way that makes complex science simple and accessible. It is a joy and an honour to push the boundaries of innovation with our customers, playing our part in a changing world, and acting as their bridge to a brighter future!”

The phrase “Your bridge to a brighter future” is the why, the reason that Zygo exists. Its confidence in being able to do this is based around centuries of collective knowledge and experience, cutting edge R&D, and a passion for precision. This allows the company to create innovative, precision metrology instruments and optics solutions.

Curtis continues, “It is our firm belief that the bedrock of Zygo is not just its ability to create innovative solutions, but the values that are the beating heart of the company, and this is central to our rebranding. We have an overall vision as a business, and that is to expand the boundaries of possibility, simply the complex, and inspire confidence. We achieve this through a combination of values that run throughout the entire Zygo team.

We are curious, collaborative, persistent, and confident. In other words, we are fully engaged. We question, we listen, and we understand. We achieve new possibilities by bringing the right people together at the right time and asking the right questions with open minds. We are focused and passionate innovators, dedicated to getting every single detail right every time. And we trust our team and have total confidence in everything we do. In turn, our customers trust us to make their lives easier.

Through this combination of values all reflected in the new brand identity for the company, we feel that Zygo is now better aligned with its central objective, making the future happen.”


ZYGO is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, high-precision optical components, and complex electro-optical systems. Its products employ various optical phase and analysis techniques for measuring displacement; surface shape and texture; and film thickness. Electro-optics and optical components businesses leverage ZYGO's expertise in optical design and assembly as well as high-volume manufacturing of precision optical components and systems for the medical/life sciences, defense, and industrial markets. ZYGO is a business unit within the Ultra Precision Technologies Division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.


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