Microscopy News

  1. The Future Of High-Resolution Microscopy: Remove The Lens From The Equation

    Over the past several years, major advances have been made at UCLA in the field of lens-less computational imaging technology, particularly in the design of lens-free holographic microscopes, which, because of their small size, power and flexibility, hold a number of advantages over conventional optical microscopes. By Jennifer Marcus

  2. Novel Microscopy Method Offers Sharper View Of Brain’s Neural Network

    Shortly after the Hubble Space Telescope went into orbit in 1990, it was discovered that the craft had blurred vision. Fortunately, Space Shuttle astronauts were able to remedy the problem a few years later with supplemental optics. 

  3. New Possibilities For Multiphoton Microscopy From Carl Zeiss

    Multiphoton confocal microscopes from Carl Zeiss now permit the simultaneous use of two NLO lasers or one laser with an optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Both components are fully integrated and expand the functionality of the multiphoton systems.