Microscopy News

  1. New Laser System Captures Two Types Of Microscopy Images With One Light Source

    Researchers have designed a simple new laser system that allows the acquisition of two types of microscopy images with a single light source.

  2. New Open Source Software For High Resolution Microscopy

    Bielefeld physicists report their new development in Nature Communications With their special microscopes, experimental physicists can already observe single molecules.

  3. ORNL–NIST Team Explores Nanoscale Objects And Processes With Microwave Microscopy

    When lots of energy hits an atom, it can knock off electrons, making the atom extremely chemically reactive and initiating further destruction. That’s why radiation is so dangerous. It’s also why high-resolution imaging techniques that use energetic electron beams and X-rays can alter, even obliterate, the samples they explore.

  4. Excelitas' X-Cite 120LEDBoost For Fluorescence Microscopy

    Excelitas Technologies Corp. introduces X-Cite 120LEDBoost to replace their popular X-Cite 120LED broad-spectrum solution. With the same key features and mercury-free benefits as its predecessor, X-Cite 120LEDBoost delivers 40% more power for improved fluorophore excitation.

  5. New High-Speed Piezo Z-Stage And Digital Controller Value Packages For Microscopy And Metrology

    PI recently released several controller & stage value packages for microscopy and metrology applications. These affordable systems consist of a PIFOC® high performance fast piezo focus mechanism and a compact digital servo controller. These outstanding packages deliver higher performance at lower cost.

  6. New ORNL Device Combines Power Of Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy

    A tool that provides world-class microscopy and spatially resolved chemical analysis shows considerable promise for advancing a number of areas of study, including chemical science, pharmaceutical development and disease progression.

  7. Excelitas Technologies® Corp. Unveils New LED Illuminator For Microscopy

    Excelitas Technologies Corp. recently announced a new multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator optimized for microscopy imaging and detection applications. The new X-Cite TURBO provides maximum excitation power for all standard color wavelengths.

  8. CLAIRE Brings Electron Microscopy To Soft Materials

    Soft matter encompasses a broad swath of materials, including liquids, polymers, gels, foam and – most importantly – biomolecules. At the heart of soft materials, governing their overall properties and capabilities, are the interactions of nano-sized components.

  9. ORNL Microscopy Directly Images Problematic Lithium Dendrites In Batteries

    Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have captured the first real-time nanoscale images of lithium dendrite structures known to degrade lithium-ion batteries.

  10. Siskiyou Simplifies Laser Integration For Optogenetics Microscopy

    The Siskiyou IS-OGP is a simple, turnkey, modular solution (patent pending) for integrating an external laser beam into an existing microscope in optogenetics experiments that utilize a laser spot to stimulate target neurons in the cortex of lab animals.