Mad City Labs Downloads

  1. Piezoelectric Mirror Tip/Tilt Actuators: Nano-MTA Series Datasheet

    Mad City Labs’ Nano-MTA series of single and two-axis piezoelectric mirror tip/tilt actuators are ideal for high speed laser beam steering, optical disk manufacturing, interferometry, optical trapping, FBG writing, astronomy, and active optics applications.

  2. Three-Axis Compact Nanopositioner: Nano-3D500 Datasheet

    The Nano-3D500 is a three-axis nanopositioner ideal for optical fiber alignment, hybrid positioning systems, micromachining, and micromanipulation.

  3. Three-Axis Compact Nanopositioner: Nano-3D200 Datasheet

    The Nano-3D200 is a three-axis nanopositioner ideal for optical fiber alignment, hybrid positioning systems, and nanofabrication.

  4. Instant AFM and Nanoprobe Instrumentation: MadPLL®

    MadPLL® is a powerful instrument package that allows the user to create an inexpensive, high resolution resonant scan probe microscope using Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems. In short, it can be used to create an “instant” closed loop AFM or NSOM at a fraction of the cost of other commercial systems.

  5. Nano-MET10 and Nano-MET20 Nanopositioning Systems

    These single-axis nanopositioning systems feature a compact footprint, closed loop control, ultra-low noise performance, high speed, and picometer positioning resolution.

  6. Nano-METZ Nanopositioning Systems

    Nano-METZ nanopositioners are ideal for applications involving high-speed and high-resolution positioning, metrology, AFM, and SPM. They feature an ultra-fast response, high stability, closed loop control, a compact size, picometer resolution, a femtometer noise floor, and more.

  7. Nano-MET2 and Nano-MET3 Nanopositioning Systems

    These high-speed, multi-axis precision nanopositioning systems feature high stability, ultra-low noise performance, picometer resolution, and closed loop control.

  8. Nanopositioner Focusing Elements: Nano-F Series Datasheet

    The Nano-F series of nanopositioner focusing elements provide 100 or 200 microns of travel and are ideal for applications involving confocal imaging, auto focusing, STORM imaging, and PALM imaging.

  9. High Precision Positioning: MMP Series Datasheet

    This series of positioning equipment has been designed for complex, programmed motion control, high precision positioning, and automation applications.