Mad City Labs Downloads

  1. RM21™ Microscope For Fluorescence Microscopy Datasheet

    The RM21™ Microscope is an adaptable microscopy platform that is designed to allow direct access to the entire optical pathway. The RM21™ is compatible with 30 mm and 60 mm cage systems, and is designed to be configured on a standing optical table. It is suitable for applications such as optical and magnetic tweezers, AFM integration and fluorescence microscopy.

  2. XYZ Nanopositioning System: Nano-LPMW Datasheet

    The Nano-LPMW is designed to hold multiwall plates, slides, dishes, and environmental chambers. It is easily integrated into existing inverted optical microscopes and is compatible with numerous microscope stages. The Nano-LPMW is ideal for demanding microscopy applications which require long range travel, high stability, and three axes of motion.

  3. OEM Nano-Drive® Controller Brochure

    The Nano-Drive Series of controllers are complete electronic packages for sub-nanometer positioning, featuring low noise, low drift amplifiers, absolute position control, bandwidth selection, and closed loop feedback. Mad City labs also develops custom firmware and dll’s to speed up final product development by incorporating special motion profiles into the OEM Nano-Drive® controller.

  4. OEM Partnerships Brochure

    Mad City Labs has proven expertise in designing and producing custom nanopositioning systems for integration into a wide variety of technical products. More than 50 percent of production is dedicated to OEM designs.

  5. Mad City Labs Custom Solutions

    Mad City Labs offers solutions ranging from simple modifications of existing designs to completely custom projects. Some customized options include special physical configurations, expanded or reduced range of motion, compatibility with environmental conditions, and special materials.

  6. MicroMirror TIRF System Datasheet

    The MicroMirror TIRF system is a new single molecule imaging instrument designed for studying the ordered assembly and function of multi-component biomolecular machines. It utilizes through-the-objective excitation and two broadband micro-mirrors positioned at the back aperture of the objective lens, resulting in superior noise-to-noise ratios, and simpler introduction of multiple spectral lines to the experiment.

  7. Precision Nanopositioning Systems: Nano-HS Series Datasheet

    The Nano-HS Series is a multi-axis, high speed, precision Nanopositioning system that is made up of two models ideal for meteorology, AFM, SPM, and any other high speed, high resolution positioning.

  8. Three Axis Nanopositioning Systems: Nano-LPS Series Datasheet

    The Nano-LPS three-axis nanopositioning series offers travel ranges in 100, 200, and 300 microns.

  9. Heavy Duty Nanopositioners: Nano-HL Series Datasheet

    Mad City Labs’ Nano-HL series of heavy duty nanopositioners can handle loads up to 10kg and have enough physical rigidity to counteract large off-axis loads with high positional stability and precise positioning. Download the datasheet to find out how they’re able to do this, along with a full list of specifications and areas of application.

  10. High-Speed, Direct Drive Nanopositioners: Nano-OP Series Datasheet

    Mad City Labs’ Nano-OP series of high-speed nanopositioners are ideal for interferometry, nanomanipulation, high-speed lens focusing, fiber optics, and NSOM applications.