Current Headlines

  1. New Technology Uses Lasers To Transmit Audible Messages To Specific People

    Researchers have demonstrated that a laser can transmit an audible message to a person without any type of receiver equipment. The ability to send highly targeted audio signals over the air could be used to communicate across noisy rooms or warn individuals of a dangerous situation such as an active shooter.

  2. Precision Motion And Automation Sub-Systems To Showcase At SPIE Photonics West 2019

    Descend the escalator and enter the exhibit hall to the world’s largest multidisciplinary photonics event. Taking just a few steps past the entrance, PI’s booth displays the latest state-of-the-art precision motion technologies. PI engineers are on-hand to answer questions and propose solutions for precision motion projects in industry, research, and science.

  3. Laser Research Optics Introduces New ZnSe Laser Optics For Cutting And Etching Signs

    Laser Research Optics has introduced a line of OEM compatible replacement CO2 laser optics that come in several configurations for cutting and etching metal, plastic, or wood signs.

  4. Xenics At Bios And Photonics West 2019: World’s Fastest Ingaas Cameras For High Speed Applications

    Xenics, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared sensors, cameras and customized imaging solutions from the SWIR to the LWIR realm, presents its high-speed infrared cameras for the SPIE Photonics West event. The Cheetah series remains to this date the fastest area-scan SWIR camera commercially available. With the introduction of the Manx line-scan SWIR series, the company now holds the title for being the provider of the fastest area and line-scan SWIR cameras in the world. Both cameras will be on display during Photonics West, with the Manx series seeing its first entry into the United States.

  5. Applied Optoelectronics Announces Sampling Of 400G Silicon-Photonics Optical Module

    Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAOI), a leading provider of fiber-optic access network products for the internet datacenter, cable broadband, telecom, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) markets, today announced customer sample availability of 400G optical modules based on silicon-photonics technology

  6. IPG Photonics Announces Agreement To Acquire Padtec Submarine Networks Division

    IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IPGP) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the submarine networks division (SND) of Padtec SA, a communications equipment company based in Brazil.

  7. New Method Uses Ultraviolet Light To Control Fluid Flow And Organize Particles

    A new, simple and inexpensive method that uses ultraviolet light to control particle motion and assembly within liquids could improve drug delivery, chemical sensors and fluid pumps.

  8. Scientists Boost Stability Of Low-Cost, Large-Area Solar Modules

    Scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have resolved a fundamental weakness in a promising solar technology known as Perovskite Solar Cells, or PSCs. Their innovations appear to improve both the devices’ stability and scalability in one fell swoop and could be key to moving PSCs to market.

  9. Excelitas To Present New Photonics Solutions At Photonics West

    Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will present at the BIOS Conference and highlight its latest high-performance photonics technologies at SPIE Photonics West.

  10. Rockley Photonics Announces The Completion Of Its Silicon Photonics Platform For Advanced Sensing Applications And Interconnectivity For Artificial Intelligence Processing And 5G Backhaul

    Rockley Photonics, a leader in integrated optics for high-density digital systems, recently announced the completion of its fully integrated silicon photonics platform running in a large-scale foundry environment.