Current Headlines

  1. S. I. Howard Glass’ 20,000 Sq. Ft. Inventory Of Flat Glass Substrates For Precision Optics

    S. I. Howard Glass Co., Inc.a premier supplier of high quality glass substrates and fabrication services for the precision optics industry, announces its 20,000 square foot glass inventory capacity at the company’s U.S. facility. The company is distinguished for its wide variety, large volume, and extensive selection of sizes and thicknesses of raw materials from prime glass manufacturer brands. These include SCHOTT, Hoya, Corning, Pilkington, Glaverbel, Guardian, Saint-Gobain, and Euroglas. As a leading domestic provider of flat glass substrates, Howard Glass is able to deliver custom flat glass products, instruments, and parts with competitive pricing and short lead times.

  2. Innovative Microscope Poised To Propel Optogenetics Studies

    A newly developed microscope is providing scientists with a greatly enhanced tool to study how neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease affect neuron communication.

  3. SPIE Photonics West: Quantum Tech, Autonomous Mobility, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

    Global investment in quantum technology, LiDAR-driven breakthroughs in autonomous mobility, the role of 3D printing in Industry 4.0, and applications for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are among hot topics in an industry program planned for SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, California, early next year.

  4. Watching A Quantum Material Lose Its Stripes

    Stripes can be found everywhere, from zebras roaming in the wild to the latest fashion statement. In the world of microscopic physics, periodic stripe patterns can be formed by electrons within so-called quantum materials.

  5. PVcomB And AVANCIS Launch Joint MyCIGS Research Project In Order To Improve Outdoor Performance Of Thin Film CIGS Solar Modules

    The Competence Centre Thin-Film- and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin (PVcomB) is contributing its expertise to improving copper-indium-gallium-sulphide (CIGS) thin-film production in the MyCIGS collaborative research project.

  6. UNIST Researchers Develop Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Photonic Devices

    An international team of researchers, affiliated with UNIST has presented a core technology for quantum photonic devices used in quantum information processing.

  7. CRAIC Technologies' Apollo II Raman Microspectrometer

    CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator in the field of optical microanalysis, is proud to introduce the new state-of-the-art in Raman microspectroscopy: the Apollo II Raman microspectrometer.

  8. Lumerical’s 2018a Release Introduces New Finite Element Optical Solver

    Lumerical Inc., ( a leading developer of photonic simulation tools, announced today the 2018a release of its software suite: FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, DEVICE, and INTERCONNECT.

  9. Discovery Points The Way To Better And Cheaper Transparent Conductors

    Researchers at the University of Liverpool have made a discovery that could improve the conductivity of a type of glass coating which is used on items such as touch screens, solar cells and energy efficient windows.

  10. Physicists Make Most Precise Measurement Ever Of The Proton’s Magnetic Moment

    An international collaboration of scientists from RIKEN’s Ulmer Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory (FSL), Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg and GSI Darmstadt, have used high-precision techniques to make the most precise measurement to date of the magnetic moment of the proton, finding it to be 2.79284734462 plus or minus 0.00000000082 nuclear magnetons, the unit typically used to measure this property.