Current Headlines

  1. Qulab Teams Up With Rigetti As A Quantum Cloud Partner

    Qulab, a computational molecular design company, today announced it has joined Rigetti’s new Quantum Cloud Services developer partner program.

  2. Nanoparticles Form Supercrystals Under Pressure

    Self-assembly and crystallisation of nanoparticles (NPs) is generally a complex process, based on the evaporation or precipitation of NP-building blocks. Obtaining high-quality supercrystals is slow, dependent on forming and maintaining homogenous crystallisation conditions.

  3. All-In-One Light-Driven Water Splitting

    Solar-powered water splitting is a promising means of generating clean and storable energy. A novel catalyst based on semiconductor nanoparticles has now been shown to facilitate all the reactions needed for “artificial photosynthesis”.

  4. Fish-Eye Lens May Entangle Pairs Of Atoms

    Nearly 150 years ago, the physicist James Maxwell proposed that a circular lens that is thickest at its center, and that gradually thins out at its edges, should exhibit some fascinating optical behavior.

  5. Yale Researchers ‘Teleport’ A Quantum Gate

    Yale University researchers have demonstrated one of the key steps in building the architecture for modular quantum computers: the “teleportation” of a quantum gate between two qubits, on demand.

  6. Researchers Use Silicon Nanoparticles For Enhancing Solar Cells Efficiency

    An international research group improved perovskite solar cells efficiency by using materials with better light absorption properties. For the first time, researchers used silicon nanoparticles. Such nanoparticles can trap light of a broad range of wavelengths near the cell active layer.

  7. Towards A Global Model Of The Nuclear Structure

    Physicists at the TU Darmstadt and their collaboration partners have performed laser spectroscopy on cadmium isotopes to confirm an improved model of the atomic nucleus. It has been developed to describe the exceptional behaviour of the radii of calcium isotopes.

  8. Aeolus Laser Shines Light On Wind

    Following the launch of Aeolus on 22 August, this extraordinary satellite’s instrument has been turned on and is now emitting pulses of ultraviolet light from its laser, which is fundamental to measuring Earth’s wind. And, this remarkable mission has also already returned a tantalising glimpse of the data it will provide.

  9. Syntec Optics Adds Micro Glass Molding Capabilities In Rochester NY

    Syntec Optics, advanced optics manufacturer located in Rochester NY, announced today that it has expanded its capabilities to include replicative molding of glass materials to satisfy the needs of the growing micro-optics and photonics markets. 

  10. Rice U. Lab Probes Molecular Limit Of Plasmonics

    Rice University researchers are probing the physical limits of excited electronic states called plasmons by studying them in organic molecules with fewer than 50 atoms.