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  1. Invisible Tags: Physicists At TU Dresden Write, Read And Erase With The Use Of Light

    Prof. Reineke and his LEXOS team work with simple plastic foils with a thickness of less than 50 µm, which is thinner than a human hair. In these transparent plastic foils, they introduced organic luminescent molecules.

  2. Unmanned Vehicles To Take Quantum Leap

    Quantum sensors being developed at The University of Queensland could revolutionise navigation and communications in unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

  3. Teledyne DALSA Announces Compact, Low-Cost Vision System For Multi-Camera Applications

    Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, announced a new compact, low-cost vision system for multi-camera applications.

  4. Technique Could Boost Resolution Of Tissue Imaging As Much As Tenfold

    Imaging deep inside biological tissue has long been a significant challenge. That is because light tends to be scattered by complex media such as biological tissue, bouncing around inside until it comes out again at a variety of different angles.

  5. 1200W High Power Piezo Driver For Fast Switching Applications

    Nano precision motion industry leader PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has released the new model E-619, a high-power piezo amplifier designed to drive high-capacitance multilayer piezo actuators with rapid rise times or high frequencies. As a special form of electro-ceramics, piezo materials are the gold standard when it comes to speed, force, and precision in a small package.

  6. Scientists Tap Into Open-Access Quantum Computer To Tease Out Quantum Secrets

    The rules of quantum mechanics describe how atoms and molecules act very differently from the world around us. Scientists have made progress toward teasing out these rules—essential for finding ways to make new molecules and better technology—but some are so complex that they evade experimental verification.

  7. Critical Link To Showcase MitySOM-A10S And MitySOM-5CSx Embedded SOMs & Development Kits At Embedded World

    Critical Link, a leading provider of electronics and engineering services for industrial embedded applications, will showcase its latest board-level solutions at Embedded World, the premier global event for embedded electronics developers.

  8. SPAD Arrays For Flash LiDAR

    LASER COMPONENTS USA, a specialized provider of laser and optoelectronic components in the US and Canada, introduces the SPAD2L192, a solid-state CMOS sensor for Flash LiDAR applications. With a resolution of 192 x 2 pixels, the single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array offers very high sensitivity and high temporal resolution. The noise is below 50 cps. The in-pixel time-to-digital converter, which features a temporal resolution of 312.5 ps and a scale value of 1.28 μs, enables a nominal range of up to 192 m at a resolution of 4.7 cm. The distance measurement is based on the first-photon, direct ToF principle.

  9. South African-Scottish Research Team Demonstrate Fractal Light From Lasers

    We’ve all seen it before. The beautifully painted butterfly that appears when you spread open two sheets of paper, after covering them with paint and pushing them together.

  10. Laser-Fabricated Crystals In Glass Are Ferroelectric, Could Power Next-Generation Communication Systems

    A team of researchers from Lehigh University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lebanon Valley College and Corning Inc. has demonstrated, for the first time, that crystals manufactured by lasers within a glass matrix maintain full ferroelectric functionality.