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  1. A New Laser Architecture Taps Coherent Light To Create Complex, Sophisticated Structures To Probe And Control Matter

    Lasers have a unique ability to precisely drive, manipulate, control, and probe matter utilizing an incredible variety of methods. While they often operate behind the scenes, lasers are the backbone of revolutionary science and technology—including research advances that were the basis for the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics.

  2. Important Biomedical Microscopy Technique Can Now Image Deeper Into Tissue

    A recently developed technique known as light-sheet fluorescence microscopy has led to many biological discoveries by allowing researchers to create 3-D images of tissue, even live animal embryos, using fluorescent tags.

  3. Photo Recognition That Keeps Personal Interests Private

    From just a quick snapshot on a smartphone, image recognition technology can provide a wealth of information to help shoppers find in-store bargains and inform tourists of the name of a landmark. But these photos may be giving away more information about users' preferences and tendencies than they want to share.

  4. Ultrafast Camera Captures Light Transport In An Artificial Crystal

    The artificial crystal was created by using an ultrafast laser, which emitted pulses of light one trillionth of a second long to directly write the light-guiding crystal into a glass substrate.

  5. SiTime Launches MEMS Timing Solution For 5G Infrastructure

    SiTime Corporation, a leading provider of MEMS timing, today announced the Emerald Platform™, a revolutionary precision timing solution that solves critical timing challenges for 5G infrastructure equipment. With the Emerald Platform, operators can deploy 5G equipment in harsh environments and reliably offer mission-critical services.

  6. Polar Lights On Uranus

    On the first day of the 15th annual European Space Weather Week, this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope fittingly shows a striking occurrence of celestial weather in the outer reaches of the Solar System: an aurora on Uranus.

  7. IPG Photonics Announces New Generation Of High Power Fiber Lasers

    IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IPGP) the leader in high-power industrial fiber lasers and amplifiers, today announced the release of a new generation of high power lasers.

  8. One Step Closer To Complex Quantum Teleportation

    For future technologies such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems is inevitable. Scientists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have succeeded in making another leap.

  9. Quantum On The Edge: Light Shines On New Pathway For Quantum Tech

    In a world-first demonstration of topologically protected biphoton states, physicist Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo has opened up a pathway to use light to develop a new type of qubit, the building blocks for quantum computers.

  10. Making Cheap Diode Lasers Suitable For Portable Chemical Analysis, Other Applications

    Russian physicists have developed a method for drastically narrowing the emission spectrum of an ordinary diode laser, like that in a laser pointer.