Current Headlines

  1. A Photosynthetic Engine For Artificial Cells

    In the quest to build an artificial cell, there are two approaches: The first reengineers the genomic software of a living cell. The second focuses on cellular hardware, building simple, cell-like structures from the ground up that mimic the function of living cells.

  2. Novel Power Meter Opens The Door For In-Situ, Real-Time Monitoring Of High-Power Lasers

    High-power lasers are now widely used in additive manufacturing and laser welding systems to precisely cut and weld metal, making all kinds of metal parts for medical devices, aerospace applications, automotive industries, and more.

  3. Researchers Explore New Applications For ‘Smart’ Material

    Research led by scientists from the University of Luxembourg has shown the potential of liquid crystal shells as enabling material for a vast array of future applications, ranging from autonomous driving to anti-counterfeiting technology and a new class of sensors.

  4. New High-Precision Instrument Enables Rapid Measurements Of Protein Crystals

    A team of scientists and engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a new scientific instrument that enables ultra-precise and high-speed characterization of protein crystals at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II)—a DOE Office of Science User Facility at Brookhaven, which generates high energy x-rays that can be harnessed to probe the protein crystals.

  5. New Quantum Computer Design To Predict Molecule Properties

    The standard approach to build a quantum computer with Majoranas as building blocks is to convert them into qubits. However, a promising application of quantum computing—quantum chemistry—would require these qubits to be converted again into so-called fermions.

  6. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Become Brighter And More Durable

    Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Technische Universität Dresden demonstrate the possibility of using ultrastable film formation to improve the performance of state-of-the-art OLEDs.

  7. Time Crystals May Hold Secret To Coherence In Quantum Computing

    An Aalto University study has provided new evidence that time crystals can physically exist – a claim currently under hot debate.

  8. Scientists Discover New Magnetic Element

    A new experimental discovery, led by researchers at the University of Minnesota, demonstrates that the chemical element ruthenium (Ru) is the fourth single element to have unique magnetic properties at room temperature.

  9. Atos And The CEA Launch Quantum Computing Industrial Research Chair

    Atos and the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) just launched an industrial research chair , co-funded by the National Research Agency (ANR), to develop research and innovation in quantum computing.

  10. Coherent Acquires Laser Additive Manufacturing System Company

    Coherent has expanded their portfolio of industrial laser-based machine tools with its recent acquisition of O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH (Dieburg, Germany).  O.R. Lasertechnologie produces a range of compact, high precision tools for laser additive manufacturing, including both direct metal deposition (DMD) and selective layer melting (SLM) technologies, as well as systems for cutting, welding, marking and engraving.  Their products are used in diverse applications, including dental, medical, jewelry, automotive and aerospace.