Current Headlines

  1. NIST’s Electro-Optic Laser Pulses 100 Times Faster Than Usual Ultrafast Light

    Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used common electronics to build a laser that pulses 100 times more often than conventional ultrafast lasers. The advance could extend the benefits of ultrafast science to new applications such as imaging of biological materials in real time.

  2. Instrument Boosts Analysis Of Small, Extremely Dark Materials

    Researchers have developed a new instrument that can analyze light reflected from very small or extremely dark materials such as some meteorite samples and VANTABlack, the darkest manmade substance created. The instrument is already revealing new information about these and other difficult-to-analyze surfaces.

  3. Photonic Chips Harness Sound Waves To Speed Up Local Networks

    It used to be known as the information superhighway – the fibre-optic infrastructure on which our gigabytes and petabytes of data whizz around the world at (nearly) the speed of light.

  4. Superconducting Metamaterial Traps Quantum Light

    Conventional computers store information in a bit, a fundamental unit of logic that can take a value of 0 or 1. Quantum computers rely on quantum bits, also known as a "qubits," as their fundamental building blocks.

  5. Honing Quantum Sensing

    While quantum technologies have great long-term potential in computing applications, they are closer to practical use in sensing devices that will open new vistas in metrology, biology, neuroscience, and many other fields by enabling measurement of structures as small as individual photons, particles, and neurons.

  6. Partnership With Google To Grow Quantum Software Industry In The UK

    The University of Bristol is joining forces with UCL and Google to launch a £5.5M Prosperity Partnership, which aims to harness the revolutionary power of quantum computers for applications in modelling and simulation.

  7. New Scale Introduces Smart Stage With Embedded Controller

    New Scale Technologies, Inc. has introduced a compact linear positioning stage targeting embedded microscopes in automated instruments for in-vitro diagnostics, next-generation sequencing, digital cell morphology and pathology, 3D imaging, cell sorting and counting, microelectronics inspection, and other applications where small size and high precision are essential.

  8. Multimodal Imaging Shows Strain Can Drive Chemistry In A Photovoltaic Material

    A unique combination of imaging tools and atomic-level simulations has allowed a team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to solve a longstanding debate about the properties of a promising material that can harvest energy from light.

  9. ColorChip To Present Broad Portfolio Of 40-400G Optical Transceivers At ECOC 2018 And Announces Availability Of 200G QSFP56 Samples

    ColorChip, a global leader in photonic integrated transceivers, will be presenting a broad range of high speed optical transceivers from 40-400G during the 2018 European Conference for Optical Communication (ECOC) in Rome, Italy, providing ideal solutions tailored to fit the growing connectivity requirements of mega datacenters worldwide.

  10. Inphi Announces Ecosystem Support Of 100Gbps And 400Gbps Single Lambda PAM4 DSP Based Optics At ECOC 2018

    ECOC 2018 – Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), a leader in high-speed data movement interconnects, today announced successful ecosystem collaboration with multiple optical solution industry leaders, including AOI, Delta Electronics and Source Photonics, showing readiness in delivering 100Gbps and 400Gbps PAM4 based module solutions for hyperscale cloud data center networks at ECOC 2018.