Lasers Videos

  1. Live From CLEO: 2011 - 6300 Series ComboSource Demonstration
    Paul Corr, president of Arroyo Instruments, demonstrates the 6300 Series ComboSource, a laser driver and temperature controller in one box.
  2. Live From DSS 2011: Laser Power Beaming Demo
    Tom Nugent, president of LaserMotive, shows us an example of his company’s laser power beaming technology, which transmits energy with lasers instead of wires. The demo involved a micro-helicopter flying with no batteries on board.
  3. Live From DSS 2011: Multiple Payload Camera Gimbal Demo
    Nick Anderson, mechanical/aeronautical engineer for Goodrich Cloud Cap Technology, demonstrates the TASE300z two-axis stabilized gimbal for Photonics Online at SPIE DSS2011.
  4. Live From DSS 2011: Introduction To High Angular Resolution Radiance Detectors
    In this video, Bill Evelyn of Excelitas Technologies introduces Jim Pomager of Photonics Online to his company’s High Angular Resolution Radiance Detector, or HARLID. When HARLID is installed on a high-value military asset — such as a tank, helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, or even a ships — it determines whether a laser is irradiating the vehicle, and from what angle the beam originated.
  5. Live From DSS 2011: SWIR vs. Visible Imaging Demos
    In this video, Joel Bagwell, R&D manager with Edmund Optics, conducts two demonstrations with shortwave infrared imaging (SWIR).
  6. Video: Laser Welding

    Visualisation of melt pool produced by 1500W diode laser 808-940nm. 1.5mm spot size

  7. Video: Droplet Coalescence

    Visualisation of two streams of 150 micrometer droplets synchronised with pulsed laser illumination

  8. Laser Operations-QPC, 2009 Prism Award Winner: Lasers
    Laurent Vaissie, vice president, marketing and sales, for Laser Operations LLC's QPC Lasers, describes the company's Brightlock Ultra-G Green Laser, winner of the 2009 Prism Award for photonics innovation in the Lasers category. The Prism Awards are co-sponsored by SPIE and Photonics Media/Laurin Publishing and presented during Photonics West.
  9. Video: Andor Revolution XD
    The sum is greater than the parts: state-of-the-art manufacturing capability integrates components with high performance software