Live From SPIE DSS 2012: Excelitas Technologies Features High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiance Detector (HARLID™)

Source: Excelitas Technologies

Eric Desfonds, applications engineer at Excelitas Technologies, shows us the HARLID™ (High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiance Detector), which is used in laser warning systems (LWS) to detect multiple incoming laser signals and report their angle-of-arrival (AOA) digitally. He also tells us that the company's C30659-1550E InGaAs APD Preamplifier Receiver Module with higher damage threshold and greater resilience when exposed to higher optical power densities is now available.


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Video Transcript

Eric Desfonds: I am Eric Desfonds. I am an applications engineer with our detection group at Excelitas Technologies. We are here at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing to talk about our new HARLID™.

We basically fully automated the assembly of the HARLID™ high angular resolution laser irradiance detector, which is used in laser warning systems to detect multiple incoming signals and digitally encode the angle of arrival of the lasers as well as respond fast enough to allow you to do frequency and time domain analysis and determine pulse repetition rates, wavelengths to some degree, and determine who is your friend or foe in the battlefield.

We are also happy to relaunch our C30659 hybrid receiver series with higher damage threshold performance at 1550 nm. The C30659-1550E series is now available for laser rangefinding applications where higher incidence light could severely affect the APD in some situations.

Excelitas is all about the custom designs and working with our military customers to meet MIL-standard specs, find the best solutions for all of our customers both in the detection where I am focused, illumination, and our advanced electronic systems.

As our name states, we aim to excel and find the best solutions to enable the best products out there. Feel free to contact us for any information;