Lasers Videos

  1. SPIE Director Explores Trends In Defense, Security, And Sensing At SPIE DSS

    Peter Hallett, director of marketing and industry relations at SPIE, and Ron Grunsby, editor at Photonics Online, talk about current trends in the defense, security, and sensing industry, as well as SPIE moving DSS from Orlando to Baltimore, SPIE's initiatives taken on in the last year, and the organization's initiatives for the future.

  2. SWIR Camera For Applications Requiring Small Size, Weight, And Power (SWaP) Demoed At SPIE DSS

    Bob Jones, business development manager at Sensors Unlimited - Goodrich ISR Systems, shows the GA640C-15 SWIR camera. This camera is ideal for applications involving low-light-level imaging, covert surveillance, multi-laser spotting and tracking, imaging through atmospheric obscurants, integration into unmanned UASs, and handheld and soldier-mounted systems where small size, weight, and power (SWaP) are critical.

  3. Live From SPIE DSS 2012: Canon Sensors, Encoders, And Scanners For Various Applications

    Ron Travis, sales manager at Canon U.S.A., tells us about their SR Series of ultra-miniature optical encoders, laser rotary encoders, laser doppler velocity sensors, and galvano scanners. These products are used in a wide variety of applications such as motion and speed control, robotics, manufacturing equipment, and more.

  4. Laser Rotary Encoders By Canon

    This video contains information on Canon’s Laser Rotary Encoders, or rotation angle sensors, and describes their benefit over conventional rotary encoders.

  5. High Speed, High Precision Laser Scan System

    This video provides information on Canon’s high speed, high precision laser system and how it’s used to detect angle positions and to control galvano mirrors.

  6. Laser Doppler Velocimeter

    This video showcases how Canon’s Laser Doppler Velocimeter utilizes the Doppler effect of its laser beam to measure the speed, speed irregularities, and length of anything with a light diffusing surface.

  7. Live From Photonics West 2012: STS Microspectrometer Demo
    Yvette D. Mattley, Ph.D., of Ocean Optics demonstrates the STS microspectrometer, which was developed with the OEM in mind and can be integrated into a handheld instrument. It achieves optical resolution of ~1.5 nm (FWHM) with a 25 µm slit and is suited for applications such as LED characterization and absorbance/transmission measurements.
  8. Live From Photonics West 2012: Cameras For Laser, OCT, GigE Vision Markets Make Debut

    Luc DeBrouckere, PhD, CEO of Xenics USA, tells us about the innovative new cameras on display at the company’s Photonics West booth. Among them were: an InGaAs camera for the laser market with exposure times as small as 80 nanoseconds, two cameras for the OCT market, and several small cameras for the GigE Vision arena.

  9. Live From Photonics West 2012: Visible Variant Of The Argos Laser Introduced

    Robert Afzal, Ph.D., of Lockheed Martin Aculight introduces the visible variant of the Argos laser, which puts out more than 3 watts of visible light at 610 nm. It has enabled Nobel Prize winners to conduct cutting-edge research as well as helping Lockheed Martin Aculight’s defense and security customers deflect and jam heat-seeking missiles.

  10. Live From Photonics West 2012: A Range Of New DPSS Lasers
    Christopher J. Madin, CEO of KLASTECH Laser Technologies, discusses the company’s new DPSS lasers. For example, they make a range of “green” lasers up to 400 mW single frequency and a 1 W single frequency laser. They are in the process of developing a UV laser at 266 nm with up to 200 mW of output power.