Live From SPIE DSS 2012: Xenics Presents Versatile Cameras And Modules For A Variety Of Applications

Source: Xenics
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Bob Grietens, CEO of Xenics, shows us a high-resolution thermal OEM module (XTM-640), a high-resolution SWIR module (XSW-640), and an uncooled InGaAs camera (Bobcat-320-Gated). The two modules can be used in a broad range of applications including thermal security, police surveillance, border security, vision enhancement, camouflage detection, and more. The camera is ideal for applications such as light bulb inspection (which can be seen in the video), laser beam profiling, R&D SWIR, and more.

Video Transcript

Bob Grietens: Hi. This is Bob Grietens. We are here at DSS in Baltimore showing our latest new products for defense, security, and sensing based on our latest infrared technology.

The first product that I want to show is our new Gobi-640 which you can see here on the right. It is a modular product based on 640 x 480 bolometer devices using 17-micron pitch. It has different possibilities and interfaces that you can have it with a GigE or CameraLink or for security.

We also have of course for system integrators which you will see have a digital video out or BT 56 interfaces so that you can integrate it with any government security system.

Next, we have our Bobcat-640 new shortwave camera based on an InGaAs detector array of 640 x 512 pixels with 20-micron pitch. It is based on the same electronics so that it is very complementary to the Gobi-640 that we just demonstrated.

You can use it with different C-mount lenses. It also has the GigE or CameraLink or an analog interface. Similar to the Gobi we also have the core on the left which is good for government systems integration. We have the same electronics and device having a low noise level of below 90 electrons. Therefore, it is excellent for night vision applications.

Our final product is our new Bobcat Gated camera. It is a shortwave InGaAs camera with a very special feature that we can go down in integration time as short as 18 nanoseconds. This is extremely useful for looking at very bright sources such as the lamp for inspection but also looking at objects where you would like to synchronize this with laser sources.

The camera has a chip that has 320 x 256 pixels on a 20-micron pitch and comes with an Ethernet and CameraLink output.