100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor: Very High Power

Source: Ophir Photonics

100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor: Very High Power

The 100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor is designed to measure high laser power/energy from 1000W to 100,000W with up to a 200mm aperture, and a spectral range of 0.8-1.1μm. It is designed for a laser beam expanded to 100mm diameter in order to hit its deflecting cone.

Although primarily used to measure a beam’s highest power, this water cooled thermal sensor may also be used to measure single shot energy with a separate power measuring unit for monitoring input and output of cooling water flow and temperature.

Additional specifications include:

  • Power Noise Level: ±20W with stable water temperature
  • Backscattered Power: <1%
  • Response Time: 40s at flow rate, 50 liter/min and 60s at flow rate 20 liter/min
  • Power Accuracy:  ± 5%

For additional specifications as well as an outline drawing, download the datasheet.