Optical Filters for Endoscopy and Medical Imaging

Optical Filters for Endoscopy and Medical Imaging

Iridian Spectral offers edge, notch, and band pass optical filters covering the 300nm (UV) to 10µm (LWIR) wavelength range for biomedical instrumentation, and medical devices for endoscopy and laparoscopy.

Iridian Spectral’s edge filters include short pass, long pass, and notch types. They isolate specified wavelengths without compromising the transmission of others. They feature steep edges, high transmission, deep blocking, and low ripple.

Their notch filters are used to block a range of wavelengths. They feature high transmittance in the passband and deep blocking at the excitation laser line (>OD6), which provides more signal with less background.

Lastly, Iridian Spectral’s band pass filters reduce the spectral noise produced from laser sources. They feature high transmittance, steep roll-off, and a narrow bandwidth.

For performance specifications and additional information on features, download the datasheet.

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