Flir News

  1. New MLR 4K Laser RangefinderFrom FLIR

    FLIR® EOC introduces the MLR 4K laser rangefinder, a SWaP- optimized, military grade ER:Glass solid state laser rangefinder.

  2. New FLIR SC6800 Now Fastest Mid-Wave IR Science Camera Available

    FLIR Systems, Inc. has released its new SC6800 infrared camera as a solution for researchers and scientists who require ultra-fast frame rate acquisition of extreme dynamic thermal events.

  3. FLIR Releases New ResearchIR Software For Research & Science Thermal Imagers

    FLIR Systems, Inc. has introduced its new FLIR ResearchIR thermal measurement, recording, and analysis software. Designed for research and development and advanced science applications, the new software provides a rich set of easy acquisition, diagnostics, and data sharing tools, including customizable, savable workspaces that allow users to arrange how imagery, data, charts, and plots are displayed.

  4. FLIR Introduces New Compact Thermal Imaging Test Kits For Research, Development, And Machine Vision Applications

    FLIR Systems, Inc. introduces its new FLIR A5sc, A15sc, and A35sc longwave infrared thermal imaging camera kits.

  5. The 2012 FLIR Research & Science Symposium Is Coming To Denver

    FLIR announces the Research & Science Symposium, heldin collaboration with the Advancements in Thermal Management show in Denver. 

  6. Monitoring The Thermal Efficiency Of Development Projects

    The FLIR SC655 is a high-resolution uncooled thermal imaging camera designed to precisely monitor the thermal efficiency of your development project.

  7. Tau SWIR 15 Micron Camera Debuts At SPIE DSS April 23rd

    FLIR Systems announced the availability of the Tau SWIR 15, a rugged compact and low-power shortwave imager incorporating FLIR’s new 15 micron pixel 640x515InGaAs focal plane array.

  8. Tau® SWIR 15 Small Pixel VGA Camera Sets New Performance Standards For Shortwave Imaging Systems
    FLIR Systems announced the availability of the Tau SWIR 15, a rugged compact and low-power shortwave imager incorporating FLIR’s new 15- micron pixel 640x515 InGaAs focal plane array sensor.
  9. FLIR Systems Launches Affordable, Compact High-Resolution InGaAs Camera
    FLIR Systems announced the launch of its new SC2600 near infrared (NIR) camera for the research and science community. With its low noise and highly sensitive 640 × 512 InGaAs sensor, the SC2600 NIR camera complements FLIR's range of imaging products for automation, research, and science applications.
  10. Tau CNV Color Night Vision Camera Delivers Quality Video In Ultra Low-Light Conditions
    FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the availability of its newest camera in the Tau family, the Tau CNV, a rugged compact and low-power CMOS HD camera for ultra low-light, video rate imaging applications.