News | April 15, 2015

FLIR Releases ResearchIR 4.2 Software For Research And Science Applications


Easy-to-use software for IR camera control, high speed data recording, analysis, and reporting

FLIR Systems announced the release of version 4.2 of its ResearchIR software. ResearchIR 4.2 provides researchers and scientists a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing the thermal data captured with FLIR’s Scientific and R&D cameras.

New features in version 4.2 of ResearchIR include:

  • Mathworks MATLAB Integration:

ResearchIR Max version 4.2 will give users direct access to their MATLAB scripts within ResearchIR for the first time. This will allow users to access their customized MatLab scripts directly in ResearchIR for specially-tailored image analysis and processing tasks. Many useful MatLab functions can now be directly accessed from within ResearchIR.

  • UltraMax File Support:

UltraMax is an image enhancement technology available in FLIR’s Tsc-Series thermal imaging cameras. It captures a series of thermal images and combines the data into one new image inside the latest ResearchIR 4.20 software. The result is an impressive quadrupling of thermal pixels, including full radiometric measurement data. Images that are captured with a 640 x 480 resolution thermal imaging camera can be transformed to an ultra-crisp 1,280 x 960 resolution image in FLIR ResearchIR.

  • Online Activation:

ResearchIR can now be activated either with a USB key or directly online.

In addition to these new features, FLIR ResearchIR already includes a number of features for detailed thermal analysis:

  • Multiple analysis tools with user defined settings for detailed data examination
  • Flexible measurement modes
  • Chart, graph and plot reporting
  • Statistical tables allowing users to view detailed image quantitative data for the image analysis tools

ResearchIR Max is also available for advanced users who need more analytical functionality in their research. To learn more about ResearchIR version 4.2’s exciting new features, please visit

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