Flir News

  1. FLIR Releases Starter Thermal Imaging Dataset for Machine Learning Advanced Driver Assistance Development

    FLIR Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of its open-source machine learning thermal dataset for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and self-driving vehicle researchers, developers, and auto manufacturers, featuring a compilation of more than 10,000 annotated thermal images of day and nighttime scenarios.

  2. FLIR Acquires Nano-Drone Maker Prox Dynamics

    Today FLIR Systems Inc. announced the acquisition of Prox Dynamics, a Norway-based manufacturer of revolutionarily small, light, nano-class unmanned aerial systems (UAS) featuring their Black Hornet aerial sensor for military and para-military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance gathering applications, for approximately $134 million in cash.

  3. FLIR Releases New Software For Research And Science Applications

    FLIR Systems has recently announced a new 4.2 version of its ReasearchIR thermal imaging software. The new software is a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing thermal data captured with FLIR’s scientific and R&D cameras. It also allows users to access their MATLAB scripts directly in ResearchIR for specially-tailored image analysis and processing tasks.

  4. FLIR Introduces UltraMax for T-Series Research and Science Cameras

    FLIR Systems recently introduced UltraMaxTM technology for its broad range of Tsc-Series handheld research and science cameras. The new UltraMaxTM technology will enable researchers to improve resolution of native thermal images, giving them more clarity and a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy. Using UltraMax, cameras will be able to make thermal images captured have up to four times as many pixels.

  5. FLIR Systems Announces New FLIR Vue™ Thermal Cameras for sUAS

    FLIR Systems, Inc. recently announced the release of its new product; the FLIR Vue. The FLIR Vue is a compact thermal camera specifically designed for use on commercial sUAS. This new thermal camera provides a simple power-in/video-out interface over the same mini-USB interface many sUAS operators already use with the most popular action cameras. FLIR Vue is a simple plug-and-play thermal imaging solution for sUAS available and is ready to use with the most popular video transmitters and OSDs

  6. FLIR Releases ResearchIR 4.2 Software For Research And Science Applications

    FLIR Systems announced the release of version 4.2 of its ResearchIR software. ResearchIR 4.2 provides researchers and scientists a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing the thermal data captured with FLIR’s Scientific and R&D cameras.

  7. Continuous Leak Detection At Vital Installations

    The G300a thermal imaging camera from FLIR Systems lets you can monitor vital gas pipelines or installations 24/7. Installing a FLIR G300a will immediately enable you to see if a dangerous and costly gas leak appears.

  8. FLIR Releases New OEM Thermal Imaging Core Muon

    FLIR Systems, Inc. announces its latest thermal imaging core, Muon, which is designed specifically for volume OEMs capable of integrating uncooled FPAs into their own camera solutions.

  9. FLIR Releases Economical New Science MWIR Camera

    FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) is proud to announce the introduction of the FLIR A6700sc, the company’s newest science-grade mid-wave infrared camera that redefines affordable high performance.

  10. New Near Infrared Compact Laser Illuminator / Pointer From FLIR

    FLIR EOC introduces the CLIP-NIR, a military-qualified 830nm illuminator/pointer incorporating FLIR’s EOC’s advanced illumination array technology.