News | March 13, 2013

FLIR Releases New ResearchIR Software For Research & Science Thermal Imagers


Powerful Package Offers Greater Camera Control and Easier High-Speed Recording, Image Analysis, and Data Sharing

FLIR Systems, Inc. has introduced its new FLIR ResearchIR thermal measurement, recording, and analysis software. Designed for research and development and advanced science applications, the new software provides a rich set of easy acquisition, diagnostics, and data sharing tools, including customizable, savable workspaces that allow users to arrange how imagery, data, charts, and plots are displayed.

ResearchIR connects directly to FLIR cameras via USB, Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet, and Camera Link for fast viewing of thermal snapshots and movie files. The new software supports such options as pre- and post-trigger recording based on user configured start/stop times, scene temperature thresholds, frame rate, and more.

Along with performing real-time image analysis with an extensive set of measurement modes, ResearchIR also features zoom and pan for closer examinations. Preset Sequencing and superframing let researchers more effectively analyze scenes with large temperature differences or targets with rapid thermal dynamics. And an array of charting and graphing capabilities allows line profiles and temporal plots for all of the measurement tools.

ResearchIR can export image and plot data graphically as a Bitmap, CSV, or Matlab® file for reporting or further analysis in other software programs. And thermal movies can be output as standard AVI files with the option to display overlays.

With the ability to view, record, and store images at high speed, post-process fast thermal events, and export still and moving thermal imagery, ResearchIR delivers on performance to help improve the efficiency and efficacy of research, science, and development investigations.

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Source: Teledyne FLIR