Editor’s Picks

  1. CERAC Introduces New Pre-Melted Oxide Evaporation Materials
    Specialty inorganics and thin film materials manufacturer CERAC, inc. has developed a series of pre-melted refractory oxide materials for electron-beam evaporation processes...
  2. Nortel Networks to Acquire CoreTek For Up to $1.43 Billion
    The buying spree continues for Nortel Networks (Brampton, ON), with the company snapping up vertical-cavity surface-emitting (VCSEL) laser manufacturer CoreTek (Wilmington, MA) on the heels of its acquisition of Xros...
  3. Photon Achieves NIST Traceability For Its Entire Beam Profiling Product Line
    Photon has adopted a fully traceable calibration procedure for its entire product line to standards maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and becomes the first and only manufacturer of beam profiling instrumentation to offer NIST traceable equipment...
  4. New Chameleon™ Laser Enhances Multi-Photon Microscopy
    Coherent, Inc. has introduced a new, improved version of its Chameleon-XR laser, designed to maximize the performance and flexibility of multi-photon excitation microscopes.
  5. Blur's Noise And Distortion Reversed
    Errant pixels and blurry regions in a photo, whether digital or scanned, are the bane of photographers everywhere. Moreover, in vision processing research degraded photos are common and require restoration to a high-quality undegraded state. Research published this month in the International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering could provide new insights...
  6. Ophir Photonics Announces FluxGage All-in-One LED Luminaire Measurement System

    Ophir Photonics Group recently announced the FluxGage, a compact, all-in-one LED luminaire measurement system. The patent-pending FluxGage measures flux, color, and flicker, important quantities for evaluating the performance of LED-based products. The measurement system is three times smaller and lower cost than equivalent integrating sphere products. It is designed for use by R&D during development and production for incoming inspection and quality control of new and replacement parts, allowing LED luminaires and modules to be sorted for consistency. 

  7. Teledyne DALSA Falcon2 Cameras Now Available In Color

    Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in machine vision technology, recently announced that its Falcon2 high performance area scan camera series is now available in color. 

  8. From Nanobeads To Proton Radiation

    Light, when strongly concentrated, is enormously powerful. Now, a team of physicists led by Professor Jörg Schreiber from the Institute of Experimental Physics – Medical Physics, which is part of the Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP), a Cluster of Excellence at LMU Munich, has used this energy source with explosive effect.

  9. SVG Reinforces Leadership in DUV With Chip Industry's First Production-Worthy 193nm Step-and-Scan Lithography System
  10. New Quality In Solar Cell Processing From JENOPTIK
    The Laser Systems Business Unit of Jenoptik´s Lasers and Material Processing division will showcase its JenLas disk IR50 for MWT and EWT (Metall Wrap Through and Emitter Wrap Through) at Photonics West 2010.