CCD Cameras Products

  1. VC Optimum Smart CCD Camera Series

    The VC Optimum line of High Speed Smart CCD Cameras is ideal for complex and time-critical inspection process applications, OCR reading, and other high speed imaging applications. This line is considered an upgrade to the VC Professional series in that it has a higher memory capacity, a larger SD card, and increased computational power.

  2. Smart CCD Cameras: VC Professional Series

    The VC Professional Series of Smart CCD Cameras are equipped with optimized electronics that allow them to reach higher frame rates at equal resolution, making them ideal for barcode or DMC decoding, and general object recognition.

  3. VC BASE Smart CCD Camera Series

    The VC BASE line of Smart Cameras was designed to deliver outstanding performance while reducing the amount of integrated components, thus reducing cost. Three models are available with varying resolutions and frame rates. These Smart Cameras are ideal for use in production facilities for production monitoring applications.

  4. Laue Desktop X-Ray CCD Camera System

    The Laue Desktop X-Ray CCD Camera System is ideal for crystal growth applications involving x-ray characterization, x-ray crystal orientation, and X-ray back scattered diffraction.

  5. FALCON 1 Mega Pixel Scientific EMCCD Camera

    The FALCON EMCCD camera, model FA285-CL, features a 1kx1k EMCCD sensor that stands out with its extreme sensitivity, high resolution, high speed and excellent Quantum Efficiency. The camera is peltier cooled, uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. The Falcon camera offers outstanding performance for low light applications, such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.

  6. Kite EMCCD Camera for Low Light Imaging

    The KITE EMCCD camera, model KI247-CL, is a cost effective EMCCD camera offering a 640x480 EMCCD sensor. The camera is peltier cooled, uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. It is an ideal camera for low light imaging application such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, X-Ray and hyperspectal imaging.

  7. Bigeye - Low Noise CCD Camera
    The AVT Bigeye is a low noise CCD camera that features excellent image quality and optional peltier cooling for superior signal to-noise-ratio even with very long exposure times. Bigeye cameras are ideal for demanding applications including low light microscopy, non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects and solar cell inspection.
  8. ORCA-D2 Dual CCD Camera

    Hamamatsu’s ORCA-D2 camera features two CCD image sensors in a single camera, making dual-image capture as easy as single-image capture. With the ORCA-D2, dual wavelength images are captured simultaneously and with a wide field of view in each image. These images are captured at selectable wavelengths using interchangeable optical blocks containing beam splitters and emission filters. In addition, the camera automatically corrects for color and image shifts. The ORCA-D2 camera is ideal for dual wavelength imaging and multifocal point imaging in the visible to NIR region.

  9. Back-thinned CCD Image Sensors with Electronic Shutter Function

    Hamamatsu’s S11155-2048 and S11156-2048 are back-thinned CCD linear image sensors that are ideal for spectrometer and image readout applications. These image sensors use a resistive gate structure that allows for high-speed transfer. Each pixel has a lengthwise size needed by spectrometers but ensures readout with low image lag.

  10. pco.pixelfly usb: Compact High Performance Digital CCD Camera System

    The new pco.pixelfly usb is a high performance digital 14 bit CCD camera system specially designed for low light applications in the spectral range of visible light if a small form factor is required. This compact digital CCD camera system is perfectly suited for many scientific and industrial imaging applications including microscopy, spectroscopy, and quality control.