CCD Cameras Products

  1. Cooled CCD Camera ORCA-R2

    For low-light imaging in the UV to NIR region. Hamamatsu’s versatile ORCA-R2 cooled CCD camera has great sensitivity from UV to NIR and a wide exposure setting from 10 microseconds to 70 minutes. Its optional water cooling feature makes it suitable for the most demanding applications and environments.

  2. CCD Cameras


    CCD Cameras, or Charged Coupled Device Cameras, provide high quality image data for scientific, medical, and academic research. They are equpped with a CCD Image sensor which converts light to voltage which is then distributed to each single pixel at a time.


  3. Deep Depletion CCD Camera: iKon-M 934 BR-DD - Ideal For NIR Imaging
    The deep depletion CCD camera, iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD, is designed to offer ultimate performance for NIR applications, delivering > 90% QE beyond 800nm. Andor’s ‘BRD’ cameras are the only Deep Depletion systems that incorporate Fringe Suppression Technology™ to minimize fringing effects.
  4. Low Noise CCD Camera: iKon-M 934
    The iKon-M DU-934N is designed to offer the ultimate in back-illuminated, low noise performance, ideal for demanding imaging applications. This high resolution 1024 x 1024 CCD camera boasts 95% QEmax, high dynamic range, 13µm pixels and exceptionally low readout noise.
  5. High Sensitivity CCD Camera: iKon-M 912
    The highly sensitive iKon-M DU-912N is designed to offer the ultimate in back-illuminated, low noise performance, ideal for demanding imaging applications. The 512 x 512 CCD array with 24µm pixels has been optimized for the best resolution and dynamic range.
  6. CCD Camera Beam Profiler: USBeamPro
    The USBeamPro CCD is a camera-based beam profiling system with USB 2.0 connectivity, operating under Photon’s renowned BeamProfiler Software in Windows. It provides highly accurate measurements of ISO Standard beam profile parameters, including beam diameter, centroid, and power/energy. The USB 2.0 interface offers enhanced ease of use and portability.
  7. Spectroscopy Detection With The NewtonEM - EMCCD and CCD Cameras
    Both the Andor NewtonEM EMCCD and Newton conventional CCD detector systems have been optimized for high performance spectroscopy detection applications. All Newton spectroscopy detection systems employ low noise electronics, cooling to -100°C, up to 95% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE), multi-MHz readout, USB 2.0 connectivity and versatile readout modes.
  8. CCD X Ray Camera: iKon - Family of Ultra-Low Noise CCDs
    Andor manufactures a wide range of dedicated CCD and EMCCD cameras for direct and indirect detection of X Ray, in both spectroscopic and imaging sensor formats. Andor's CCD X Ray iKon-M USB and CCD X Ray iKon-L USB cameras are designed to offer high-performance solutions to your direct detection X Ray needs.
  9. Electron Multiplying CCD Camera - iXonEM+ - Extracting The Absolute Best From EMCCD Technology
    In direct response to customer wishes, Andor Technology - the EMCCD pioneers - innovate again with the iXonEM+ Electron Multiplying CCD camera family, a dedicated, truly high-end, ultrasensitive scientific imaging camera platform, designed specifically to get the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance specifications and parameters.
  10. EMCCD Camera: Luca
    Andor's LucaEM EMCCD Cameras are the latest TE-cooled Electron Multiplying CCD innovation, a highly cost-effective yet powerful camera making EMCCD available to every laboratory.