PI (Physik Instrumente) News

  1. Fast, Extremely Stable, Quiet And Compact Linear Positioning Stage Driven By Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor

    Ultrasonic piezomotors are small and provide motion with high resolution, as well as an extremely wide dynamic range from microns/second to 100’s of millimeters/second. A significant advantage over magnetic drive technologies (such as voice-coils, brushless and 3-phase motors, also offered by PI) is the self-locking principle: once the motor reaches a target position, it acts like a ceramic brake and locks the platform into place providing extreme long term stability at zero driving current and heat generation.

  2. New PI Low-Cost, Compact, And Smooth Running Stepper/Servo Motor Solution

    PI offers a new L-406 compact linear stage delivers performance and reliability at minimized cost. It has applications in research and industrial applications, including bio-nanotechnology, microscopy, micromanipulation, inspection and metrology, beamline systems, and photonics instrumentation.

  3. New Fast, High-Load Hexapod For Motion Simulation, Stabilization, And Cancellation

    PI (Physik Instrumente) recently introduced the H-900KSCO hexapod, designed with dynamic motion in XYZ, pitch roll, and yaw. 6-axis parallel kinematics motion is perfected by PI hexapods delivering nanopositioning precision, high speed, and stability necessary to meet today’s demanding motion control applications.

  4. PI Introduces New, Highly Reliable Circular Piezo Stack Actuators And Miniature Ring Actuators

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. introduces a new line of round multilayer actuators in its proprietary PICMA® ceramic series and expands its current line of rings and round chips with larger dimensions. Proven reliability for high performance and long lifetime, PI’s actuators are ideal for industry and research, including laser tuner, micro-dispensing, and life sciences.

  5. $13MM Invested in New 100,000ft² Technology Center by Physik Instrumente (PI)

    Precision motion and nanopositioning solutions leader PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. recently announced the construction of a new Technology Center at its worldwide headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. After a year of planning, the cornerstone has been ceremoniously laid.

  6. PI Creates New Ø20mm x 10mm Mini Ultrasonic Piezo Rotary Stage With Integrated Encoder

    PI has recently released the new smallest member of the miniature rotary stage series with ultrasonic piezo motor drives. The U-622 is joining two other high dynamics miniaturized ultrasonic rotary positioners, U-624 and U-628. Vacuum compatible versions to 10-6 hPa are available.

  7. PI's New Highly Dynamic XY Linear Motor Scanning Stage

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. introduces a new compact metrology XY stage – the L-731. The magnetic linear direct drive ensures high velocity and acceleration, ideal for inspection and microscopy.

  8. PI's New Photonic And Fiber Alignment Engines Catalog

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. introduces a new Photonic & Fiber Alignment Engines catalog, showcasing products with nanoscale accuracy, split second responsiveness, ultra-fast optimization, real-time tracking and 3 to 18 or more axes.  Fields of applications are in data communication, SiP packaging - automation and in telecommunication.

  9. PI's New Affordable High Precision Compact Linear Positioning Stage

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. recently introduced a new compact linear stage – the L-509. This positioner delivers performance and reliability at minimized cost, and provides high precision linear motion with minimized runout. It has applications in research and industrial applications, including beamline systems, microscopy, semiconductor manufacturing, and photonics instrumentation.

  10. PI’s New Cost-Effective, High Performance Multi-Channel Digital Piezo Controller

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has recently introduced a new, high-performance 3 and 4-channel digital piezo controller that integrates with a wide range of existing piezo-based nanpositioning systems and piezo actuators. The new E-727 replaces the E-725 controller and combines higher performance with a lower price.