PI (Physik Instrumente) News

  1. Accuracy In Small Steps: New Precision Linear Stepper Stage From PI

    PI (Physik Instrumente) released the new L-511 linear stage series featuring a minimum incremental motion as small as 0.02 µm. This 2-stage micro stepper motor platform is ideal for precision positioning demanded by science and industry markets, especially those with high duty application cycles. Vacuum compatible versions are available.

  2. PI's New Faster, Larger Tip/Tilt Piezo Beam Steering Mirrors

    PI recently released their newest piezo steering mirrors, the S-331 fast tip/tilt platform with milli-second response and setting time and high dynamic linearity. These fast tip/tilt platforms are ideal for precision optics application in ambient and vacuum enviroments.

  3. Multi-Axis Piezo-Motor Positioners: Ultra-Compact, Stackable Linear and Rotary Stages by PI

    PI presents the new miniaturized, multi-axis linear and rotary positioners. This series of Q-Motion piezo motor has over 50 models that cover varying sizes and motion ranges and cam be used in many applications

  4. PI's New Miniature Linear Servo Motor Air Bearing Stage

    PI (Physik Instrumente) has releases the new A-141 miniature air bearing linear positioner. This newest member of the frictionless PIglide family provides advantages over mechanical bearings when vibration-free motion, constant velocity, and optimal angular repeatability and geometric performance is required.

  5. PI Releases Tubular Piezo Stacks Based On Mars Rover-Tested Multilayer Technology

    PI (Physik Instrumente) introduces the new p-080 tubular piezo stack. This new actuator is based on the solid-state motion effects, and is used in applications that require high speed, high force, and/or virtually unlimited resolution. The P-080 is ideal for preloading ad for apertures in optical applications.

  6. Compact, Planar XY Air Bearing Stage From PI Provides Vibrationless High-Precision Motion

    Physik Instrumente (PI) released the new A-311 PIglide IS Series of compact, planar air bearing stages. These new stages are designed to deliver extremely precise and vibration-free motion, and are ideal for wafer inspection, laser marking, optical metrology, and other precision motion applications.

  7. New High Precision, High Stability XYZ Microscope Stages In Two Models

    PI introduces PInano™ super resolution (SR) microscope stage series. This series is available two variations; the high precision with piezoresistive position feedback sensors, and the high precision, high stability based on capacitive feedback sensors.

  8. PI Releases New Miniature Linear And Rotary Stage Catalog

    PI (Physik Instrumente) recently released a catalog containing over 200 models of miniature translation and rotation stages representing various sizes and motion ranges with many different drive concepts. Some of the drive concepts include servo/stepper, piezo ultrasonic/inertia, linear, voice coil, air bearings, crossed rollers and piezo flexures.

  9. XYZ Microscope Scanning Stages Are More Stable With Capacitive Feedback

    As a nanopositioning and motion control systems leader, PI’s (Physik Instrumente’s) PInano™ super resolution (SR) microscope stage series is available in two variations - High Precision with piezoresistive position feedback sensors and High Precision with High Stability based on capacitive feedback sensors.

  10. New High Precision Linear Motor Stage With Absolute Encoder And Ironless Motor

    PI (Physik Instrumente) recently released a new compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage at Laser World of Photonics. This new stage is equipped with an integrated absolute-measuring for less referencing time, and a newly developed ironless magnetic linear motor for higher accuracy and smoother motion.