PI (Physik Instrumente) Downloads

  1. Ultrasonic Motor Positioners

    This brochure is an overview of PI’s motor positioners.

  2. Piezoelectric Actuators

    This brochure provides an overview of PI’s Piezo actuators ideal for a wide variety of applications involving R&D, industry, high speed switching, laser tuning, life sciences, sensor systems, and more.

  3. Micropositioning: Product Overview

    PI offers linear positioners, DC and stepper micrometer drives, rotation stages, hybrid drive systems, motor controllers, hexapods, tripods, and other micropositioning systems designed to provide motion resolution and positioning accuracies in the range between a few tens of micrometers and 0.1 µm. For more information on these offerings, download the brochure.

  4. Piezo and Motion Control Solutions for Medical Applications

    PI offers Piezo and motion control solutions for microdosing, biohandling, computer aided surgery, microscopy, and other medical applications.

  5. Resolution Enhancement of Imaging Chips with Piezo Technology

    Cameras and scanning systems used in applications involving fluorescence microscopy, white-light interferometry OCT, or aerial photography need to be high resolution. When resolution needs to be increased, there are only a few options

  6. Advanced Fiber Alignment Engines For Photonic Packaging Automation

    In the earliest days of optical telecommunications more than two decades ago, the physical alignment of single-mode optical fibers, laser diodes, and early planar waveguide devices was a meticulous and frustrating task. Researchers and engineers spent countless hours hunched over coupling assemblies, adjusting micrometers and setscrews of manual fiber positioners to peak-up optical coupling for a short while, until drift processes necessitated re-alignment. It was a tedious and repetitive chore. By Scott Jordan and Stefan Vorndran, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

  7. Precision Parallel Positioners

    This brochure is a product overview of Physik Instrumente’s precision parallel positioners, parallel kinematic systems, hexapods, controllers, and software. These products are used in fiber alignment, high precision positioning, signal transmission over long distances, handling systems, tool inspection, medical technology, space, and more.

  8. Long-Travel Piezomotors: New Innovations, New Solutions

    In a variety of fields, applications are placing conflicting demands on structural and motion subassemblies. Increasingly, positions must be controlled in more degrees of freedom with higher dynamic and static accuracy, yet faster throughputs and longer travels are necessary to meet financial metrics. By Scott Jordan and Stefan Vorndran PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

  9. Advances In Piezo Actuation: Flexure Drives, Ultrasonics, And Piezo-Walk Linear Motors

    Piezoelectric actuation is the foundation for a multitude of mission-critical high-technology applications, from semiconductor manufacturing to atomic-force microscopy, from optical tweezers to sub-pixel imaging, from bore-sight systems to genomic sequencing and medical devices. By Scott Jordan and Stefan Vorndran, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

  10. Piezo Rotary Motor for Optical Instrumentation Tech Note
    A great many factors come into play when selecting a drive system for a portable precision instrument: The installation space available, the velocities, the accelerations and positional accuracy required, the energy consumption and the reliability of the motorization selected.