PI (Physik Instrumente) Downloads

  1. Piezo Scanners for Nano-Precision Positioning

    This brochure provides an overview of the Piezo scanning stages, scanners, and fast tip/tilt mirrors offered by PI, and the specifications that make them ideal for high resolution/nano-precision positioning.

  2. Hexapod Parallel-Kinematic Precision Positioning Systems

    This brochure not only includes information on PI’s hexapod positioning systems, but also the technology behind parallel-kinematic precision positioning systems. Controllers, accessories, and motion control software are also highlighted.

  3. Motorized Positioning Systems

    PI offers a variety of motorized positioners for applications that require high-precision and repeatable positioning.

  4. The Advantages Of Piezo-Based Scanning Systems For High-Performance Microscopes

    Classical microscopic methods are no longer sufficient in terms of optical resolution or information content. To obtain more extensive and accurate measurement data of a sample, it is now possible to combine different microscopic methods. Combining those methods, however, is very demanding on the positioning system. This article outlines the advantages of using piezo-based scanning stages to ensure image position resolution and accuracy.

  5. Piezo-Based Nanopositioning For Ophthalmology

    Several laser methods have emerged to influence the curvature of the cornea to correct visual acuity. All have one decisive factor in common: laser beam control and focusing that requires high-precision positioning. Piezo-based solutions are well suited to this application, providing the necessary precision, speed, and reliability, as well as compact designs that can be easily integrated into today's laser systems.

  6. PIShift Piezomotor Stages

    This brochure provides an overview of PI’s piezomotor stages. These stages offer millimeter size with nanometer resolution.

  7. Achieving Double-Sided Fiber Optic Alignment with the H-206 Hexapod Positioning System

    PI’s H-206 positioning system uses fast alignment algorithms, six-axis positioning, virtualized rotation and fast optical or analog metrology to achieve double-sided fiber optic alignment.

  8. Improved Automated Manufacturing of Opto-Mechanical Components

    Hexapod systems can be used to provide precision movement and positioning in the manufacturing process of opto-mechanical components. Often times though, this type of manufacturing process calls for precise motion in all six degrees of freedom.

  9. Piezo Mechanisms In Optics And Laser Technology

    Laser technology is crucial for the advancement of many high tech fields from aerospace to medical diagnostics. By Stefan Vorndran, Scott Jordan, Steffen Arnold, PI (Physik Instrumente)

  10. PI Products For Microscopy

    This brochure includes information on PI’s offerings as they relate to microscopy applications.