PI (Physik Instrumente) Downloads

  1. How To Use A Motion Control System For Spiral 3D Tomography Based On Air Bearings, Linear Motors And Piezo Motors

    This application note presents the new motion control system and explains how it works based on air bearings, linear motors, and piezo motors.

  2. Industrial Automation And Motion Control Catalog

    PI offers precision linear and rotary nanopositioning systems engineered and produced for industrial manufacturing, semiconductor production/inspection, silicon photonics (SiP) packaging, laser material processing, automated optical inspection (AOI), and scientific instrumentation applications.

  3. Alignment For Optics And Silicon Photonics Catalog

    PI offers alignment systems, including an R&D Top 100 Award winner, as innovative solutions for Silicon Photonic (SiP) and fiber optic applications requiring nanoscale accuracy, split-second responsiveness, real-time tracking, and ultra-fast optimization.

  4. Engineered Precision Motion Systems – From Laser Machining To Photonics Alignment Benefits From Holistic Approach

    A multi-axis precision motion system with higher dynamics and throughput targets must have a more holistic design approach to achieve success. There are many obvious advantages to the user when the mechanics, control electronics, and software of a system are designed by the same team.

  5. Motion Control Advances For Laser Micromachining And Microprocessing

    Many laser micromachining and micro processing engineers face challenges of delivering laser pulses to a workpiece with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, among other attributes. This article discusses how these issues can now be solved with PI’s motion/CNC controller technologies.

  6. Advanced Camera Manufacturing And Lens Alignment Enabled By Compact 6-Axis Micro-Robotic Hexapod Systems

    Hexapod micro-motion robot technologies provide all six degrees of freedom in a stiff, compact, and high-precision structure. This app note discusses how the functionality enabled by a compact 6-axis micro-robotic hexapod system provides precise manufacturing and lens alignment in advanced cameras.

  7. Positioning With Piezo Systems Catalog

    PI’s new catalog covers their available piezomechanical actuation and precision motion systems based on piezo drive technology and frictionless flexure guiding systems and designed for OEM, industry, and research applications. Products covered utilize PI’s in-house designed and manufactured Mars Rover-tested piezo ceramic actuators, low-cost OEM-type flexure actuators, 6-axis integrated nanopositioning systems, ultra-fast laser steering systems, and photonics alignment systems. Digital controllers and sub-nanometer precise position sensors are also offered.

  8. How Hexapod Motion Platforms Help Google Engineers Advance Cell Phone Cameras

    The engineers at Google have taken steps to optimize the motion and image stabilization algorithms in their Pixel 2 camera, which has been integrated with PI’s H-860 high-speed hexapod system that accurately simulates motion with 6 degrees of freedom and results in pinpoint-accurate crisp images.

  9. Automation And Microscopy: Faster Test And Measurement

    Nanotechnology uses the concept that constant velocity will get you to the destination faster than constantly stopped traffic. One technique puts this concept into practice via a fast nano-focus device based on a piezo-ceramic actuator embedded in a flexure guided lens positioning mechanism.

  10. Keeping Up With Moore’s Law: Mass Producing SiP Components With Silicon Photonics Alignment Automation

    As advances in computer performance are implemented, extraordinary performance levels will come from the use of silicon photonics, or the integration of optical circuits on semiconductor wafers, instead of the use of electronics.