Opto Diode Downloads

  1. Datasheet: ODD-45W/95W High-Sensitivity GaAlAs Photodiode
    The ODD-45W/95W is just one of Opto Diode's GaAlAs Photodiodes...
  2. Datasheet: ODD-5W Silicon PIN Photodiode
    The photodiodes have excellent responsivity from 400 nm to 1100 nm, exhibit low dark current, low capacitance and feature a 2.52mm active area diameter...
  3. Datasheet: ODD-1 Photodetector
    The ODD-1 photodetector from Opto Diode Corporation is ideal for use in standard commercial products and industrial photo controls. Features include excellent responsivity of 400 nm to 1100 nm, low dark current, and an active area of 1.35 mm x 0.76 mm.