Optical Filters Products

  1. Industrial Filters

    Schneider Optics’ line of UV-Cut, IR-Cut, and color filters are designed for use in industrial applications involving research, engineering, and production. These filters feature improved optical quality, are provided with detailed technical parameters, and have passed a strict quality assurance process.

  2. Low Temperature Shift IR Bandpass Filters

    Low Temperature Shift Infrared (IR) Bandpass Filters from Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable thin film optical coatings, are ideal for critical applications that require minimal fluctuation in center wavelength (CWL). Infrared coatings experience a shift in spectral placement with changes in temperature but DSI’s “Low Temperature Shift” IR coatings shift approximately half the amount of “Standard” IR coatings. Filter characteristics, such as bandwidth, center wavelength, slopes, blocking level, and more, can be customized depending upon application requirements. The new infrared coatings are ideal in environments where it is impractical to actively heat or cool to maintain temperature stability, for example analytical instruments used for anesthesia monitoring, gas-sensing, and chemical analysis.

  3. Very Long Wavelength Infrared (VLWIR) Filters

    Very Long Wavelength Infrared (VLWIR) Filters by Deposition Sciences, Inc. provide high transmission in the 12-22 micron wavelength region and are ideal for use in applications involving horizon sensors, chemical analysis, remote sensing, and astrophysics/astronomy. These filters can be repeatedly cycled through ambient and cryogenic temperatures, a key feature because they are typically used at 25 Kelvin to filter out background IR noise.

  4. Color Correction Filters

    Abrisa Technologies provides a wide spectral range of color coatings and glass (color correction filters), from ultraviolet to infrared, and has the capabilities to meet all of your specific glass fabrication requirements. 

  5. Precision Optical Coatings and Thin Film Filters

    Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) provides highly durable, optical thin film filters for biomedical, life sciences, space/satellites, military/defense, and more. Precision coating capabilities range from UV, Visible, NIR, MWIR, out to LWIR. DSI’s MicroDyn® reactive sputtering deposition process enables rugged multilayer and multispectral thin-film coatings.

  6. Linear Variable Filters Overview

    DELTA has lifted the quality of variable filters* to new levels, by introducing a new powerful combination of linear variable filters. DELTA offers a Linear Variable Long Wave Pass filter (LVLWP), the corresponding Linear Variable Short Wave Pass filter (LVSWP) together with a Linear Variable Dichroic.

  7. Cut-Off Coatings - Trim Filters
    Trim filters, also commonly known as cut-off or dichroic filters, are advantageous for a variety of applications.
  8. Dichroic Filters - Color Coatings
    Dichroic color filter coatings are an excellent alternative to dyed plastics and glass. Unlike plastic color gels that can age and breakdown relatively quickly during use, dichroic filters are designed to stand up to the heat and Ultra Violet (UV) energy in high energy light sources.
  9. Infrared Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters For Spectroscopy
    Deposition Sciences, Inc.’s (DSI) improved narrow bandpass optical filters offer high spectral performance, with accurate center wavelength placement, and good temperature stability which makes the infrared NBPs ideal for spectroscopic applications such as advanced gas-sensing. DSI’s Infrared Narrow Bandpass (IR NBP) Filters are ideal for industrial, medical, and biological sciences instrumentation.
  10. Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters
    Deposition Sciences, Inc. has long had a reputation for producing extremely durable and robust optical coatings, however it is not widely known that DSI has the capability to pattern these coatings through the employment of photolithography technology. Using techniques and equipment similar to those used to produce the world’s most sophisticated microprocessors; optical coatings can be deposited and patterned in high resolution to create features of extreme precision from optical coatings renowned for exceptional quality and durability.