Optical Filters Products

  1. Raman Filters

    These Raman filters offer a low loss and flat transmittance rate, high environmental stability, steep pass-block transition, OD5 to OD6 blocking, and long-term shift-free spectral performance. Wide flexibility in filter size is available, making them ideal for compact optical setups.

  2. SWIR Bandpass Filters

    Optics Balzers’ SWIR bandpass filters feature excellent environmental stability, high transmittance in the passband, a self-blocking design with a blocking range over the full detector response,  and long-term shift-free spectral performance.

  3. Sharp Cut and IR Filters: W Series

    These sharp cut and IR filters have been developed to meet the requirements of the European standard. Standard dimensions include 50mm square (polished) and 165mm square (polished and unpolished). Custom sizes and thickness are available, and a wide range of coatings can be applied.

  4. Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Filters: C Series

    The C series color compensating filters are ideally suited for CCD imaging applications involving digital and video cameras. It features an ultra-thin design, high transmission in the visible range, and excellent chemical durability. The filter has been designed to enhance the color distribution in the visible spectrum while also eliminating and UV and NIR transmission. For more information, download the datasheet.

  5. Color Filter Glass

    HOYA’s color filter glass products are ideal for applications involving medical devices, CCDs, imaging, telecommunications, calibration, electronic instrumentation, night vision, CRT/LCD/FED displays, and machine vision.

  6. Bandpass, Shortpass, and Longpass Filters

    This page is a summary of Schneider Optics offerings regarding bandpass, shortpass, and longpass filters. These components fall into their line of industrial filters and are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  7. Micro-Patterned Filters

    Develop new multispectral imaging applications with PIXELTEQ’s micro-patterned filters. Patented technology enables micro-patterning of dielectric, metal, & RGB color filter array coatings on a single substrate – creating simplified optical devices with superior light management. 

  8. Circular Variable Filter

    CI Systems’ Circular Variable Filters (CVF’s) are interference narrow-pass filters of advanced design which are deposited on circular substrates, called segments. Film thickness, and therefore the wavelength of peak transmittance varies linearly and continuously with angular position on the segment. CI Systems CVF’s are ideally suited as monochromators in compact, non-dispersive spectrometers, providing medium-resolution spectral radiation measurements, or when information is desired at a number of specific wavelengths in the relevant spectral range.

  9. IR Long Pass Filters

    IR Long Pass Filters improve signal-to-noise ratio in FTIR, spectroscopy, astronomy, IR detector research, THz imaging, and other mid to far IR applications by blocking short wavelength radiation. Lake Shore’s line of IR Long Pass Filters are available in diameters of 0.5 to 4 inches and feature rejection edge wavelengths from 1 µm to 50 µm, a wide and flat spectral response to terahertz (0.3 THz), and excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

  10. Multispectral Optical Filter Assemblies

    Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable optical thin film coatings, introduces advanced optical assembly technology that combines individually-coated multispectral filter substrates into an array assembly. The new Multispectral Optical Filter Assemblies range from two-filter stacks to eight-filter stacks, or more. For added flexibility, the filter assemblies can employ a variety of adhesives including space-qualified adhesives.