Optical Filters Products

  1. Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters
    Deposition Sciences, Inc. has long had a reputation for producing extremely durable and robust optical coatings, however it is not widely known that DSI has the capability to pattern these coatings through the employment of photolithography technology. Using techniques and equipment similar to those used to produce the world’s most sophisticated microprocessors; optical coatings can be deposited and patterned in high resolution to create features of extreme precision from optical coatings renowned for exceptional quality and durability.
  2. Linear Variable Filters (LVF)
    DELTA’s Linear Variable Filters provide an extended set of performances within one single filter. DELTA has lifted the quality of variable filters to new levels by introducing a new powerful combination of linear variable filters.
  3. Infrared Reduction Filter: Improve Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Visible CMOS Imaging Systems
    Deposition Sciences Inc. has announced an improved filter developed to reduce the unwanted infrared wavelengths and transmit the visible wavelengths in camera applications. Because CMOS sensors are particularly sensitive to infrared wavelengths, the improved CMOS filter is designed to block up to 99.5% of the infrared radiation while transmitting more than 85% of the visible.
  4. Highly Durable LWIR Bandpass Filters
    Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) provides long wavelength infrared (LWIR) bandpass filters with superior operation at any temperature between ambient and 10 degrees K.