Precision Thin Film Coating

Thin Film Coatings

PG&O supplies the highest quality precision optical thin film coatings available. From antireflection, beamsplitters, hot and cold mirrors, ITO, bandpass, LWP, SWP, neutral density, and Max “R” to metals and coatings applied to off-the-shelf components, we deliver cost-competitive coatings for a variety of industries.  We have a vast inventory of coated substrates in stock, available for immediate delivery.  Our large 72” coating chambers are key to our high-volume production and our many years of expertise and experience makes PG&O the one-stop provider for all your thin film coating requirements.

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Datasheet: Antireflection Coatings
Datasheet: Beam Splitters
Datasheet: Cold Mirrors
Datasheet: Maximum Reflectors
Datasheet: Metal Coatings
Datasheet: ITO Coating

We can coat wavelengths from 250nm to 2500nm and up to 24” Ø (600mm Ø). Any of our thin film coatings can be redesigned to meet your exact wavelength and/or angle requirements.  Feel free to ask us about your custom specifications.

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