Ophir Photonics Products

  1. Power Sensors

    Ophir Photonics presents a wide range of power sensors including thermal sensors, power/position/size sensors, thermopile discs, thermal surface absorbing sensors, and water cooled sensors. These devices feature very large dynamic power ranges, wavelengths, and thermal sensitivities.

  2. Helios Laser Power Meter For Industrial Automation

    The Helios is a laser power meter designed for the measurement of high-power lasers in industrial processing applications. It measures an array of high-power solid state lasers such as diode, fiber, and YAG lasers with powers ranging from 100 W to 12 kW and energies ranging from 10 J to 10 kJ. 

  3. Laser Sensors For High Power Lasers Without Water Cooling

    Ophir Photonics offers a series of thermal laser sensors designed for measuring high pulse laser energies without the need for large, water-cooled devices. The L40(150)A, L40(150)A-LP1, L50(150)A, and L30C-LP1-26-SH use short laser pulses of 0.1 to 1 second to make laser power measurements up to 8000 W or higher.

  4. High Sensitivity Thermal Sensor: 3A-PF-12

    The 3A-PF-12 from Ophir is a highly sensitive thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor designed for use with short pulsed lasers. Features include a 12 mm aperture, a measurement range from 15 µW to 3 W and from 20 µJ to 2 J, and a spectral range from 0.15 to 20 µm.

  5. NanoScan 2s Scanning Slit Beam Profiler

    The NanoScan™ 2s from Ophir Photonics is a scanning slit beam profiler designed to deliver highly accurate dimensional measurements of laser beam spatial irradiance profiles in accordance with the ISO standard 11146. With the options of a silicon, germanium, or pyroelectric detector, this instrument is able to profile lasers of any wavelength from UV to far infrared, out to 100 µm and beyond. This profiler provides instantaneous feedback of beam parameters for CW and kHz pulsed lasers, with measurement update rates to 20 Hz.

  6. Ophir's StarBright Laser Power/Energy Meter

    Ophir's StarBright is a handheld laser power/energy meter with many onboard features including laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalizing, power or energy density, attenuation scaling, and max and min limits. There are many options of interpreting information as users may choose between digital bar graph, analog needle, line plot, position, stability, and real time statistics formats on a brilliant color, large size TFT 320x240 display.

  7. 100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor: Very High Power

    The 100kW Laser Power/Energy Sensor is designed to measure high laser power/energy from 1000W to 100,000W with up to a 200mm aperture, and a spectral range of 0.8-1.1μm. It is designed for a laser beam expanded to 100mm diameter in order to hit its deflecting cone.

  8. Pyroelectric Energy Meter: PE9 Series

    Ophir Photonics’ PE9 series of pyroelectric energy meters is made up of two different models with variations in energy scales, lowest measurable energy, noise on lowest range levels, and linearity. Both models feature an 8mm aperture, a 25,000 Hz repetition rate (max), up to 20µs pulse widths, and high sensitivity sensors.

  9. Photodiode Laser Power/Energy Sensors: PD300 Series

    This series of photodiode laser power and energy sensors features a very large dynamic range, a swivel mount for places that are difficult to measure, filter in/filter out options, and patented automatic background subtraction. They're available for general laser power and energy sensing applications, as well as applications that call for powers to 1W and 3W, or a sensor with a thin profile for a tight fit into a measurement system or set up.

  10. M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer: M2-200s

    M2 measurements determine a laser beam’s waist width and divergence and measures how closely a beam’s mode content correlates to a pure TEM00 (transverse electromagnetic mode) beam – indicating the quality of the laser under test.