Irradiance And Dosage Sensor For Narrowband And Broadband Sources: Ophir® PD300RM-UVA


Ophir offers the PD300RM-UVA irradiance and dosage sensor is designed for measuring sources at different wavelengths simultaneously in the spectral range, without the need to know the exact wavelength. This laser radiometer can replace a traditional radiometer that is calibrated to a single wavelength.

The PD300RM-UVA sensor features a 2.75mm aperture and a cosine corrected diffuser, a spectral range of 350-450nm, and an irradiance measuring range of 1.5μW/cm² – 15W/cm². The sensor includes a 1.5 meter cable for connecting to StarBright & StarLite meters or Juno+ PC interface.

PD300RM-UVA Features Include:

  • Measure irradiance in W/cm2 and dosage in J/cm2
  • Cosine corrected
  • 200nm to 850nm
  • Ø2.75mm and Ø8mm aperture

For more information on the PD300RM-UVA irradiance and dosage sensor, download the available datasheet.

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